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Resources on Mercury Retrograde

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

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Photo by Jeff Bisti.
My friends Amy and Anatoly on the Planet Waves crew have pulled together a resource of everything we've done on Mercury retrograde. Well, just about everything -- I've talked up a good few of them on Planet Waves FM and I do recommend listening to the current edition. I tell some stories from my years of covering various retrograde events, and put it in the context of Libra -- relationships.

I open up some new topics in the current edition of Planet Waves.

And a piece I did last year is pretty comprehensive, and I think the basis of a short, useful nook -- An Expert's Guide to Mercury Retrograde. By the way, Nessus is in the planets tonight, aspected by Saturn -- here is a Mercury piece focusing on Nessus.

That said, I trust you'll find some useful information among these articles. Have fun and let us know what you think.


Mixed Signals, Bright Ideas: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini | 2008
Seven years ago was another all-Gemini Mercury retrograde. This piece takes Mercury retrogrades first, then the sign Gemini, then puts it all together. If you have a journal or calendar from 2008, you can match up your entries with the article's list of key aspects: see what you learned then, and whether themes repeat now.

The Electric Tide | 2009
This step-by-step article breaks Mercury retrograde into its constituent parts: What Actually Happens; The Echo Phase into the Turnaround Phase; The Retrograde Phase; The Retrograde Works Out — and offers some additional thoughts.

Mercury Retrograde: A Special Report from Planet Waves | 2009
Welcome to the Electric Tide, the Mercury Retrograde Special Report. The retrograde that goes from Sept. 7 through Sept. 23 has a few distinct properties that are an incentive for awareness, excitement and astrological study. Mercury is doing a lot of talking to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto — the three big players who dominate the astrology of 2012.

Planet Waves
Mercury's surface looks similar to our Moon's. Each is heavily cratered and made of rock. Photo: APOD.
Mercury retrograde coolest thing since Sixties | 2009
MERCURY IS about to be retrograde in Aquarius, and as it slows to a station on Sunday, a collection of planets and a solar eclipse are lining up in this sign. Searching our star files, we can find nothing like this for more than four decades — when we come out on Feb. 4, 1962, at the dawn of the Sixties.

Mercury retrograde, Eros and Hades | 2009
We are all aging/changing entities with desires and experiences to try to share. There comes a time when we must accept people for who they are because we must accept ourselves. It takes a lot of thinking and experimenting and hashing it out. Luckily for us, the astrology is spelling out a time of community and sharing for a stronger future.

Mercury Retrograde Election Day: Astrology is No Excuse | 2012 | revised
A detailed pregame analysis of the astrology of 2012's Mercury Station Election Day, in the shadow of Citizens' United campaign spending.

2012 Election: The Mercury Retrograde Factor | 2012
A recap of the shenanigans surrounding the 2012 US presidential election, which coincided with Mercury stationing retrograde on voting day — and the collective relief of not repeating the 2000 stolen election.

An Expert's Guide to Mercury Retrograde | 2014
This in-depth 'print-and-save' guide covers such topics as: Don't Sign, Don't Buy; The Truth Comes Out When Mercury Stations; Don't Assume You're Being Ignored; If Communication Gets Dicey, Pick Up the Phone; Resolve the Past, Plan the Future; and If It May Not Be Broke, Don't Fix It So Fast — plus insights about ancient and modern astrological interpretations and thoughts about the planet itself.

Planet Waves
Mercury Retrograde by Eric Francis.
Mercury, Weaving the Story of Nessus | 2014
Centaur object Nessus carries themes of revenge, karma and stopping cycles of abuse. In 2014, Mercury in Cancer made three exact trines to Nessus as part of its retrograde cycle, opening a gate to emotional introspection and personal accountability.

Mercury Retrograde: Real Ideas; Real Information | 2015
The idea of astrology is not just to hear what's going to happen, but rather to figure out how to make the most of your opportunities. That includes seeing obstacles and knowing how to get beyond them. That is more useful than attempted prediction.

Mercury Retrograde: Watch Your Speed | 2015
When the dust settles on the wreck of Amtrak 188, and all the facts come out, I think the cause will turn out to be something simple: for example, the train's driver not paying attention to the speed limit.

Mercury Retrograde, the Story Behind Cosmophilia — and a Conversation with Daniel About What Happened in France | 2015
I look at Mercury retrograde from a number of different angles. I tell some stories from the final days of producing Cosmophilia, including how we experienced the Mercury retrograde effect. Then in the second part of the program, Daniel Sternstein and I consider what happened in Paris just two weeks ago, and note the differences in how it appeared from Israel and how it appeared from the United States.

Mercury Retrograde: Nebraska Repeals Death Penalty | 2015
When Gov. Ryan announced to the world why he had commuted the sentences of 167 people on death row to life in prison. the Sun and Mercury were conjunct. Mercury was retrograde. We're now approaching another such conjunction, which will be exact Saturday. With that light shining on the world, Nebraska's legislature abolished its death penalty. This happened Wednesday, May 27, when state legislators voted to override the governor's veto of the same law enacted May 20.

Mercury Retrograde Roundup: Cyber Security and More | 2015
What I see emerging over the next few weeks are privacy concerns. A superficial reading of these charts in 1990 or so would have come with a caution against gossip and deception. An astrologer might have warned about being careful what you say when drunk. All of that still stands as reasonable.

Taurus New Moon into Mercury Retrograde | 2015
The combination of the New Moon and Mercury retrograde is saying focus on the background as much as the figures in the foreground. With this aspect in play, study the environment around you; study what you think of as normally being invisible. Look at what you don't usually look at — that which is behind and around who and what you do normally focus on. Whatever it is may be holding a lot of energy and influence.

The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Reading | 2015
Your reading is accessible online in audio format, with a selection of Eric's best writing about Mercury retrograde.

An Answer to Strange Days: You -- At Full Strength
"You rock, Eric! I've listened to these each three or four times, and will continue to repeat them again. Your readings are so rich with information, deeply congruous, and could not be more pertinent to my life and situations. I do not claim to be audience to many, as I have an audience of my own that I serve, but your voice is one of those that I count on. I cannot express greater appreciation for the services of any one person in existence."
-- Tim Quigley, Groovera New Modern Radio
2015 Leo Reading client writing in this week
Dear Libra Sun, Moon or Rising:
Eric knows from the emails he is getting that this is an unusual, unsettling time for you. The Uranus-Pluto square passing through your chart and Chiron in Pisces compelling you to focus on your health and wellbeing have all been challenging.
Planet Waves
Here's what you need to remember about yourself, especially if you've gotten caught in a back-and-forth of the scales in your mind (or in your heart): Eric has a really cool theory about Libras, which he'll expand upon in your 2015 Libra Birthday Reading.
He likes to call you "the human blowtorch."
Why is that? Consider for a moment the following people who have a Libra Sun or Libra rising: David Bowie; Bruce Springsteen; Thom Yorke; John Lennon; Julie Andrews; Gwen Stefani; Bob Geldof; Sting; Linda McCartney.
They all share an ability to light up a stage with their entire being -- igniting a spark that stirs anyone within earshot. Even if you're not a rock star, you possess something of this mojo anytime you spark others into action. You just need to learn how to recognize and harness it.
You can pre-order your Libra Birthday Reading for only $24.95 now. We'll let you know as soon as it's published, so you can begin finding some new balance in these strange days.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
P.S. The price of this Libra reading will increase after it publishes; if you pre-order now, you'll lock in the discounted price.
"Thank you so much for sending this wonderful birthday report. It is fabulous and I was so astounded at Eric's completely intuitive and amazing 'feel' for a much more deep and meaningful explanation of the approaching transits. He never ceases to amaze me with his very unique ability. I thank my lucky stars that I found Planet Waves!" -- Vicki, describing a recent Libra reading

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