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Libra Birthday Reading Available for Instant Access

Dear Friend and Client:

Eric has just published an extended reading available for anyone with Libra Sun, Moon or rising! This is one of the most affordable, useful and excellent reading packages in the entire astrological profession -- and it makes an awesome gift. The reading is designed to help you sort out some of your deepest personal, spiritual and relationship questions.

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You may order the full reading here. If you order before 11:59 EDT on Thursday, you can still get the pre-order price -- just $24.95 (we're holding the lowest rate for a few days more!).  

At that amazing price, why not order one for each of the important Libras in your life? I know they'll benefit from Eric's reading throughout their new solar year.   

The Libra reading looks with fresh eyes at relationship questions (Uranus in Aries), and the healing and personal mastery theme (Chiron in Pisces). Eric carefully studies the roots of the matter -- Pluto in Capricorn, which is teaching you to redesign your security base, your notion of home, and indeed your whole concept of safety, grounding and belonging.

He also looks carefully at the question of efficiency in relationships -- including assessing what you seek from others, and what you can provide for yourself, and suggest ways to evaluate that and keep your life in balance. The upshot is, relationships should be devoted to what you can only get from relationships; everything else, you would be wise to provide for yourself.

And because there is so much intriguing activity in Scorpio (Saturn, Mercury retrograde and an eclipse of the Sun) Eric focuses the theme of money and financial self-sufficiency.

These readings morph the best of Eric's work as a Sun-sign astrologer and a professional counseling astrologer.  He speaks directly to you in plain language, in studio-quality audio -- it's like he's sitting right in the room with you. Even more, your reading takes a deep and introspective look at things you've been questioning, thinking about or trying to work out. 

The Libra reading will is divided into three sections -- two astrology segments of about half an hour each, and a section of astrology afterthoughts and a tarot reading. The reading is accessible and playable on any kind of computer or mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.). 

Eric's birthday readings also include a live question and reply forum where you can ask Eric questions directly, which will be held a week or two after the reading publishes (archived for those who cannot make it). It also includes access to last year's reading, for reviewing and check Eric's accuracy, plus an extended written description of Libra.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate the life of your favorite Libra can you?


Chelsea Bottinelli

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