There's never been another astrology class like this. You will love it.
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Eroticism: The Cosmic Mirror
A New Astrology Class with Eric Francis Coppolino, Saturday, May 6
at 9 am PDT, noon EDT, 5 pm BST, 6 pm CEDT. Oz & NZ Please see below.

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

It's time for a real astrology class about sexuality. While this is one of the most beautiful and persistent themes of life, astrology tends to stand back from an honest discussion of the many relevant topics involved. That class is called Eroticism: The Cosmic Mirror.

I've intentionally chosen to hold this class during Beltane, when the energy of connection -- Hieros Gamos -- is the most potent of any time during the year.

To this class, I will bring everything I've learned from both tantric study and careful, thoughtful exploration of astrology; and my work with many clients who have brought their most intimate personal realities to me over the years.

We'll begin with some ideas from the houses: a review of three main kinds of eroticism. The 5th house is the playful, risky sex that young people have, or sex on the art studio couch. The 8th house is sex associated with deep need, bonding, duty and financial connection. The 12th house is where all borders and definitions are lost, and where we enter the hotter-than-hot territory of taboo.

From there, we'll study chart examples of famous people (such as Henry Miller and Anais Nin) to warm up. And in the second half of the class, we'll work with live people who are willing to offer their libido to the enlightenment of my fellow astrology students.

There's never been another astrology class like this. You will love it, and find tools to help you understand your own inner sexual life, understand partners better, and even help your kids come to terms with their sexuality: the privilege of being a parent.

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Note, this class will be recorded. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you may tune in with us super early, or listen via recording.

All of my classes include a discussion area for further inquiry.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

with love,

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