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Cosmophilia: You Belong Here, is Here!

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

At last, the 2015 annual edition -- Cosmophilia: You Belong Here -- is ready. After nearly six months of work, we have some of the most original, helpful astrology readings you'll ever get, coupled with spectacular art and original music for all 12 signs and rising signs. [Samples here.]

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
There are many areas of the site that are available to all readers, even those who have not purchased the sign readings. You're invited to check out our brand new website and read my introduction on how the biophilia hypothesis -- that all life has an affinity for other life -- led to cosmophilia

I also offer a free audio presentation right on that page that takes you through the territory and wherein I describe how I prepared these readings. They include 4,000-word written interpretations for each sign and rising sign, plus an hour-plus of audio for each sign and rising sign.

In addition, you may read samples of all 12 sign readings here. Those samples provide you with links to purchase at the pre-order price, which we will be raising by Wednesday morning. You may purchase all 12 signs and rising signs, or purchase by individual sign.

Taurus (April 19- May 20)
In addition, all of the featured articles are available to all readers. Many different writers have commented on the theme of belonging, including those writing about adoption, Chiron outsiderhood, the life of the inner artist, daring to be happy and being an outsider within a community of outsiders. Please check these out and share with whomever you think will benefit; more articles will be added in the coming days.

The Planet Waves annual is a longstanding Internet tradition. This is the 16th time we have published an annual edition (always in mid-January). The annual is designed as an offering of in-depth astrology readings and a reminder of our place and time in cultural history.

Please take a look around. I think you'll love it.

For the Cosmophilia team, 

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