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Two Corrections to Today's Issue

Dear Friend and Reader:

After today's edition went out, I received a note from my colleague A.T. (Tad) Mann about the history of the 2012 end-date to the Mayan calendar's 13th baktun.

Planet Waves
A page of Mayan history from the Dresden Codex, the oldest known book created anywhere in the Americas. It was written and illustrated by at least eight different scribes, in different styles and covering many topics.
Tad wrote, "Dec. 21, 2012 date you associated with Jose Arguelles in 1987 was predated in many sources, both by him and Frank Waters (in his Hopi prophecies) in 1975 and also the McKenna's Invisible Landscape, published in 1975. It was also briefly mentioned in my 1986 book The Divine Plot: Astrology, Reincarnation, Cosmology and History."

Point noted. There is longer history to this than I was aware of (though now that Tad mentions it I do recall some of this from discussions in the 1980s), and it's likely to go back further than I am reporting here. It is a common cultural phenomenon that after several (or many) mentions of a concept, someone is able to get the meme going, and it was Jose (one of those who brought up the issue in the mid-1970s). Arguelles did this by creating the Harmonic Convergence in the summer of 1987, and associating that global event with the end-date of the 13th baktun. So, though the end-date appeared previously in the writing of Arguelles and others, credit still goes where it is due: Arguelles got the word out, and turned many people on to the art of Mayan daykeeping in the process.

The Harmonic Convergence was not just an event. My perspective with 24 years hindsight is that it was an essential turning point, boldly and consciously engaged while there was still time.

Additionally, an editing error resulted in the statement that Uranus-Pluto aspects "always bring progress, especially for those who are willing to consciously embrace change and adventure."

The original word was indulge. By indulge, I mean go all the way into the experience of this aspect -- whatever it means for you, or eventually comes to mean -- with a sense of full engagement, risk of the unknown, pleasure and confronting darkness. We need to set a bold tone for Uranus square Pluto, because it is setting a bold tone for us.

People around the world are finally standing up for what is right. I am not the only one sleeping better at night knowing that the entire population is not rolling over in the face of rampant injustice. People are getting beaten, pepper sprayed, shot and arrested by riot police in numerous states and countries to stand up for what they believe in -- and many others are coming out risking the same thing to support them.

Yet Uranus-Pluto is about a lot more than protest, or any outer expression. It is the fiery alchemy that happens when you blend revolution and evolution; when you put Prometheus and Dionysus in the same equation. Uranus-Pluto is about risking what is familiar to you, what is safe and most of all want is not working in order to become who you absolutely must become, and to create something better than we have today.

Yours and truly,
Eric Francis
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