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Why You Absolutely Want to Take a Class with Geoffrey Cornelius

Note to Readers: Geoffrey is scheduled to be my guest on next Tuesday's Planet Waves FM. In tonight's edition, I ask the question you may be wondering: Is Vladimir Putin nuts? We have obtained some birth data from him from Russian astrology sources, and his chart, unpublished till now in the U.S., works beautifully. -- efc

Dear Friend and Reader:

When I was first studying astrology, someone recommended that I read a book called The Moment of Astrology by Geoffrey Cornelius. It's a book about horary astrology (pronounced hor-erry), the astrology you do when a client asks you a specific question.

Planet Waves
Geoffrey Cornelius.
It's usually based on the chart for the time that the astrologer becomes aware of the issue. It's a weird form of astrology because it's not based on the 'birth' of anything, or anything much happening; it's the intersection of thought with the cosmos, and then, by some miracle, the chart that's produced can often be read following a set of guidelines that are more strict than the rules of baseball, but which point to some useful information.  

Geoffrey sought to explain horary as the exception that proves the rule -- that is, as the basis of all astrology. In doing so, he wrote a book that debunked the pseudoscientists who would debunk astrology as pseudoscience. He unravels the ideas of people who would try to prove astrology's validity with science. Along the way, he did a fine job of showing the weaknesses in the scientific method. The only thing that survives his analysis is astrology itself, though he makes it clear why most astrologers don't understand what they do or why it works.

He demonstrates that astrology is a divinatory system that works at the intersection of time, space, symbols, consciousness and some spiritual force that's not quite possible to define. You get chapters like "When the Wrong Chart Works" (a study in the two birth times of Diana, Princess of Wales) and a reading of a random chart stuck in with an article attacking astrology that's not supposed to mean anything -- but it reads as legibly as a clear photograph. 

This is not just one of my favorite astrology books; it's one of my favorite books that I've ever read, as in ever, standing up to The Second Sex, Dubliners, The Grapes of Wrath and even The Lord of the Rings. When I open up this book and start reading, my response is always, holy shit, I cannot believe anyone has written something this good. 

As far as astrology is concerned, I consider Geoff Cornelius the smartest guy in the room. (He didn't quite get why I had to walk up to him and spontaneously hug him when I met him at UAC 2008, but now I think he does.) 

Planet Waves
Jonah Kelly Francis uses the Moment of Astrology as a pillow.
And I am completely thrilled that I will get to spend a few days in his class at Nightlight Astrology in New York City from March 28-30, an awesome, donation-based astrology school where I teach. The class will be held at the ARE Edgar Cayce Center in Manhattan (241 W. 30th St). Planet Waves is a co-sponsor of the event, mostly in the form of my telling my readers about it, which I plan to do a few more times. And I get to introduce Geoff to the class as a kind of warmup act. I will try to stay mostly calm.

If you care about astrology or have the vaguest aspiration to being an astrologer, or if you're curious about the nature of reality, get to this class. Pull together the $250 tuition (sliding scale, cheaper if you need), go through your contacts and find someplace to stay in New York City (or Nightlight Astrology will help you connect), clear your calendar and show up with your notebook. 

Then March 31-April 4, there is an astrology, yoga and herbalism retreat with Geoff and Maggie Hyde in the hills of upstate New York (in West Fulton, about 90 minutes from Kingston). This will be a mellower, more diverse presentation, in-residence for a few days. That is also covered on the Nightlight event page about Geoff coming to the U.S.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.


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