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The Art of Becoming
Pholus and Quaoar Resources Page

Welcome to the Art of Becoming resources area for Pholus, Quaoar and other bodies. Quaoar entered Capricorn on Dec. 7, and Pholus arrives Jan. 20.


Small World Stories | Pholus

Small World Stories | Quaoar

The World in a Grain of Pholus -- July 15, 2011

Pholus the Centaur: Small Cause, Big Effect -- July 10, 2012

Planet Waves FM | The Remarkable Conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Pholus -- Dec. 5, 2017

Planets in a Minor Key -- Dec. 21, 2017

Granta 37, The Family: They Fuck You Up by Mikal Gilmore et al. (Amazon)

Art of Becoming video introducing Chiron

Introductory video for The Art of Becoming

Other resource pages

Saturn in Capricorn | Useful Documents

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