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Sun Square Uranus -- and Good as Gold

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today the Sun is square Uranus, an aspect that describes surprising or spontaneous new beginnings. The Sun continues to move through the remnants of the cardinal grand cross, including the Uranus-Pluto square that is the heart of the matter.

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If you've been wanting to start something all year, now is the time. If you've run into diversions and distractions, get whatever was delayed started now.  

Though there may not be antiwar protests in the streets, this is still a revolutionary moment. Sun in Cancer making the square to Uranus says don't take your 'comfort zone' too seriously. You grow by pushing, luring or guiding yourself into new territory. And sometimes what appears to be circumstance does it for you. Sun-Uranus can have an in-your-face quality, and it can also be subtle. Yet it's always about something new. 

This often involves a stretch both of your mind and of your emotional confidence. Most things that get accomplished are begun before some official notion of 'readiness' is attained. Therefore pay attention to your environment, and embrace the unexpected. And one word of caution -- don't fall for the glamor of technology, fame or 'instant success' -- stick to your core idea. Stay close to your art, to your vision, to the feeling behind the music.

Today's Sun-Uranus aspect leads to Saturday's Full Moon in Capricorn. This is the last burst of the cardinal cross of 2014. I've covered that in detail in Monday's daily and will have more to say on tonight's Planet Waves FM and Thursday evening's edition, with your 12-sign interpretations.

Moonshine Horoscope is in transition to a new writing team and we anticipate having that ready for you right at the moment of the Full Moon, which is at 7:25 am EDT Saturday, July 12 (11:25 UTC). That horoscope will come right about then in a special mailing.

Tonight's Planet Waves FM is scheduled for 5 pm EDT (21:00 UTC). My musical guest will be the brilliant Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. (I know, it's a corny name -- I was making fun of it till I walked in the door of BSP and in a matter of minutes was dancing in a pheromone-drenched frenzy in front of the stage.) Tonight's program will focus on Saturday's Full Moon chart and the transition into the new astrology of 2014 -- the part featuring Jupiter in Leo met by Mars in Scorpio, or said another way, a lot of passion.

Planet Waves
Speaking of: I will be unfolding this brand new aspect pattern for all 12 signs and rising signs in my midyear reading, called Good as Gold. If you have not already noticed, 2014 is really two years in one, with version 2.0 beginning right about now. With all of the inner planets direct, Jupiter entering a fire sign and Mars coming home to its native Scorpio, a whole new concept of life and of astrology is reaching out to us.

Good as Gold will explore the relationship between self-esteem, creativity and money. The three are so closely interwoven that in a successful person they are indistinguishable. While you're on the way there, these elements need to be understood one at a time, as specific concepts, goals or challenges.

I will provide ideas, strategies, motivational rants (my speciality) and ideas I've learned in therapy to get the blocks out of the way, access your courage, and invoke your vision for yourself.

How do you manage the transition out of something old that is not really working and into something new, with the simultaneous demands of a learning curve, balancing yourself financially and staying inspired? These and other things are what I will be exploring.

Good as Gold is available for pre-order now. We're introducing this at $39.95 for all 12 signs. As usual, we start with the lowest price for all 12, gradually raise the price, then sell one reading for about what we were initially asking for all 12. The first price increase will be Friday. So now is the time to get the best rate on the whole package, so you can listen to your Sun, Moon and rising signs, and check in with the readings for your collaborators.

Here is that link.

I'll catch you tonight over at Planet Waves FM.


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