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Tuesday, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives released the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. There are no surprises here: he was charged with trying to sell out the 2020 election in exchange for military aid to Ukraine.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, with Jerry Nadler of New York. Nadler is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which helped draft the articles of impeachment.

That is, he’s been accused (as we have all seen evidence and testimony supporting) of abusing his office for his personal gain. This has come in the form of something of deep concern to the founders, which is the integrity of elections.

Additionally, he has been charged with obstruction of Congress. This involves his issuing a blanket order for all federal agencies and employees to refuse to cooperate with the impeachment process itself.

While he was not charged in connection with the Special Counsel’s investigation, obstruction is a “pattern crime.”

At least 10 instances of obstruction were cited by Robert Mueller III in the final report. Mueller said he did not have the power to charge the president with a crime. Only Congress can impeach the president.

The chart is the figure for Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives announcing the articles of impeachment against Pres. Trump.

The Void of Course Moon

In mundane and horary astrology (the kinds that we do the most at Planet Waves), the Moon is like the bouncing ball, which you follow as it tells the story. With the Moon void, the Moon’s story for that stage of the game is over; there are no future aspects till it changes signs.

Democrats announce articles of impeachment.

Moon voids can work two primary ways.

One is that what happens under them can be irrelevant; and the other is that it turns into something unexpected, potentially much larger than anyone could have anticipated. You will see examples of both as you do mundane charts.

The irrelevant manifestation (the “foul ball” effect) is the more common. Then every now and then something happens like Star Wars, which was supposed to be a flop, opens during a Moon void and bam, it turns into the biggest SciFi franchise in the galaxy.

On the other side of that, the void Moon can have the feeling of “going through the motions” with the outcome detached from the stated intentions.

With a foul ball, the batter makes contact and there can be tremendous power, and then the ball sails through the air to the wrong side of the stripe and lands in the grandstand. Almost a home run. Counts as a strike.

How do you know which type a void Moon will be? It’s hard to tell. There are many factors to a mundane chart. However, let’s refer back to the oldest astrological text in the English language, Christian Astrology by William Lilly. Consider this:

“Generally consider the state of the Moon, for if she be void of course there’s no great hopes of the question propounded, that it shall be effected, yet if she be in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, your fear may be the less, for then she is not so much impeded by being void of course.”

The potent collection around the ascendant suggests there is some momentum. With Cap rising, the question itself is ruled by Saturn. Saturn’s next big thing is a conjunction to Pluto. What will that do to the question?

Portrait of William Lilly, then aged 45.

Other Factors in the Chart

This is a chart about the president, so we want to check the 10th and its ruler. Here is where things get a little complicated; this chart has two 10th houses — one measured by quadrant houses, which is Scorpio; and the other measured by whole sign houses, which is Libra.

Scorpio is the obvious one, as most astrologers use ordinary houses (commonly called quadrant houses, including the Placidus and Koch systems) — not the older system, whole signs. Based on a Scorpio 10th house (using quadrant houses), its ruler Mars is very, very strong. This represents the president.

Why is it strong? Mars is the most elevated planet, in an angular house. It is in its domicile, Scorpio (Mars rules Scorpio and is said to be very strong there). It’s making supportive aspects to the cluster in Capricorn. Notice how Mars “stands alone” up there — it looks lonely. This is a picture of Trump all alone amidst this mess.

However, if we honor the older house system, whole sign houses, which counts the whole sign as the house, Libra is the 10th house of the presidency, and this tells a very different story. Its ruler is Venus; Venus is rising in this chart, but it has no special dignity in Capricorn (OK, it is the day triplicity ruler of the earth signs, which is a little dignity but not much).

What we see is that Venus is ascending, but also about to make a conjunction first to Saturn (currently in action), then to Pluto; then a square to Eris. This is a rough ride.

Damage to the President and the Presidency

So what the chart looks like is that the official proceeding does not result in official action, but that there will still be damage to both the president and the presidency.

We are in new territory here. The president is being charged with crimes that no other American president has been accused of.

It’s no overstatement to say we are dealing with issues that go to the core of our system of government.

CNN’s depiction of the Articles of Impeachment.

Everyone knows it’s wrong to use public office for private gain, including gaining reelection through corrupt use of public power. Everyone with the meekest education and experience knows you answer a subpoena and testify when called upon to do so.

There were many problems that were not included in the Articles of Impeachment: accepting bribes in the form of people staying at his lavishly priced hotels, and his being named “Individual 1” in a case that sent his longtime attorney to federal prison.

The impeachment of a president is a serious matter, and I suggest we observe with the grief and sadness apropos of our moment.

Whatever you may think of Pres. Trump’s policies, of his separating families from their children, or banning Muslims from entering the country, he is setting a terrible example in many other ways. It is wrong for Republicans to cast this as some exercise in partisanship. They know it’s not; they have grafted themselves to someone who is neither conservative nor Republican, and they are now paying a price for the short-sale of their souls.

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