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"Wow, you have just blown me away. So precise with what l am going through (Libra Sun and Libra Moon) and you haven’t even looked at my chart! Well done, Eric.” -- Judy Newland, after reading one of Eric’s weekly horoscopes

"Your work has moved me. It has helped me to begin to understand what I have been through during this lifetime, and what I have come here to do. Planet Waves is like a place I always knew existed but could never find. Until now.” -- Anna B.

"I am grateful that you laced the horoscope with subtleties filled with love and balance as the proper foundation for leading my own life! Always spot-on in your horoscopes, Eric. I sense a high energy of urgency everywhere and to read your interpretations of the cosmos as it relates to me, once again, awakens my spirit. Thank you!” -- Planet Waves member “Pisces Sun"

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• Daily, weekly and monthly guidance for your relationship questions, career and financial choices, emotional healing, spiritual growth, sexuality, creativity, and more!
• Empowering, intuitive, sex-positive and holistic
• Guidance on the level of one-on-one counseling and life-coaching -- at a fraction of the cost
Just can't get enough of your Eric Francis horoscopes? This all-new, no-frills Planet Waves membership gives you the best of the best, at an affordable price: Eric's life-changing Monday Morning horoscope each week, plus Tuesday night’s Planet Waves FM announcement, and the full Planet Waves Thursday evening bulletin -- which also includes a fresh horoscope. That's your monthly and 7-day forecasts, delivered via email straight to your inbox: inspiration and practical life-coaching that will help you solve your biggest problems and pursue your most-cherished goals -- worth every minute and every penny.

AND NOW: You can opt-in to read Eric's hugely successful daily horoscope when you sign up for this membership. Also delivered via email, the daily horoscope option ensures that you start each day with the very nugget of encouragement, insight and perspective you'll need.

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