Pholus in your birth sign, the 1st solar house. Eris in the 5th solar house. Spiral Door aspect, Quaoar and Ixion in the 1st solar house. Pluto working toward the 2nd solar house. Saturn in the 9th solar house. Chiron-Nessus conjunct in the 3rd solar house. Mars retrograde in the 8th solar house. Venus retrograde in the 9th and 10th solar houses.

Sagittarius is the relationship house for Gemini; the career house for Pisces; and the house of home and security for Virgo. This interpretation works for Sagittarius rising as well.

YOUR LIFE: what have you been building toward all these years? What has been the core ideal, the main idea, or the common thread? There has been one, and it has taken many different names. But that thing that keeps getting renamed, redefined and thought through a new way, is really one thing. But to say that it's about doing something would be a mistake; in truth it is about being someone, and being that person now. Simply put, the future has arrived, and it is time for you to be who you are.
Indeed, your life has everything to do with this moment in history, and the process by which humanity is getting there. You play a role, and potentially a pivotal one. The process of human evolution, or any kind of evolution, is a mystery, and at the moment that mystery is buried in what seems to be a planet that is devolving and collapsing on itself. I trust you know that there is another factor; that something else is occurring, beneath the appearances and in many ways spurred forward by those appearances. A Course in Miracles points out that anything and everything in this world must be used for healing, and one of the affirmative functions of evil is to provide contrast and thus the basis for choice. Well, we're getting plenty of this at the moment.
But where do you fit in? You could imagine your life of that as a visitor, a traveler, here for a specific purpose. In a sense, we are all visitors to World Earth, but the trajectory of your life often casts you in the role of one who is looking in from the outside, who sees things that others cannot see, and who brings information, as if from the outside. I would not be surprised if it's never seemed more important that you accomplish what you came here to do, or at the least to align yourself with that mission and carry it forward directly. Among the mysteries of evolution are the roles that advanced souls may play, and you are likely to consider yourself one. If so, then step into your part in the planetary drama and assist in the world's dangerous moment of healing and transition.
Sagittarius has been home to many of the strangest and most important astronomical discoveries in recent decades. I think several of them help explain why the ancients had the ideas about your sign that they did -- that it represented the most exotic and divine things in creation, as well as enlightenment, world culture and education, in particular. It would seem that several of these discoveries comment beautifully on your experience of life in these long, fleeting years of Pluto in Sagittarius (by the longest measure, this extends from 1994-2009).
About Pluto we could say a great deal, and much has been said -- but what Pluto may conceal is its own progress. We cannot see the distance we have covered with Pluto, and you may not be able to see yours. Yet it would be wise to remember the helmet of invisibility that the mythological Pluto wears. This relates to the action of Pluto (the planet), sometimes described as an unconscious, if deeply compelling, process. In many ways, the coming four seasons, perhaps a bit more, represent a summary of the vast but invisible experience that you have accumulated. These seasons represent a time of consolidation and gaining perspective, but not stepping back. Indeed, you've never been called upon to participate more actively in your own life, and to put your knowledge to work for the sake of progress and happiness.
The many smaller and larger changes and developments that you've experienced are likely to coalesce into one sweeping transition that, once you notice the momentum, represents an inevitable and astonishing stage of your growth in this lifetime. This will take you and many people with it, and one result will be that many of the problems you envisioned that were blocking your progress will cease to be factors. The inescapable calling of home, whatever home may be, is at times all that your ears can hear, and yet from moment to moment the cosmic instructions are telling you to place your roots in the here and now; in the community in which you live; and the planet where your body is located.
Let's briefly look at some of the elements that have been discovered in your birth sign and what they may say about you, starting with a planet called Quaoar. This was minor planet number 50,000, discovered in 2002 by Chad Trujillo and Michael Brown, two of the discoverers of Eris. I believe it's every bit as significant a discovery as Eris, only it relates to family and society more than it relates to the experience of an individual.
Located beyond Pluto and named for a creation deity of Native Americans called the Tongva people, this planet tells a complex story of how the gods, and consequently, people, came to be. Here is the myth as told by Marc Acuna, a Tongva scholar and tribal elder:
'Quaoar,' the great force of creation, sings and dances the high ones (Deities) into existence. While Quaoar has no form or gender he is usually referred to with the male pronoun.
He dances and sings first 'Weywot' who becomes Sky Father; they sing and dance 'Chehooit' Earth Mother into existence. The trio sing 'Tamit' Grandfather Sun to life.
As each divine one joins the singing and dancing, the song becomes more complex and the dance more complicated. In turn 'Moar', Grandmother Moon (a very complex deity), 'Pamit' the Goddess of the sea, 'Manit', the Lord of dreams and visions, 'Manisar' the bringer of food and harvests, 'Tukupar Itar' Sky Coyote (who is also our major hero), 'Tolmalok', the Goddess of Shishongna (the underworld) join in the singing, dancing and creating.
In psychological terms, I get two messages. One, Quaoar is the way in which we internalize the world, including our family. A number of excellent models of the human mind have emerged in recent memories which help us understand our lives as an internalization of our early family history. Though this may seem depressing to some who did not have such great backgrounds, the gift is that we have a model to work with.
Quaoar also relates to the story we make up about our own creation, on the cosmic scale -- which has personal emphasis for you, and which we could look for as a theme of Sagittarius in general. One's creation myth, of the world, of oneself, of one's society, tells us a lot about who we think we are.
Finally, Quaoar relates to the family of society and how we relate to it; whether it functions or not; and what we try to do about it. Quaoar points out the damage that has been done, and what remains of some original information or instruction set that allows us to reach out from our core existence as original humanity.
At the moment, Quaoar is conjunct the largest known point in all of astronomy, another discovery in your sign: the Great Attractor. This is in the approximate direction of the Galactic Core, but it's located on the other side of our galaxy and millions of light years beyond. The Great Attractor increases the size and scale of anything that contacts it, but moreover, makes the alternatives and contrasts obvious. It is almost like something more Gemini than Gemini, located in the opposite sign.
The personal implications are profound, as this time in your life is one where you are radically shaping your relationship to everything that is around you. You seem to be going as deep as you need to go, and leaving nothing out of the question.
Jupiter, your ruling planet, now in your sign, is emphasizing all of this. At times this feels like you're being shown a super-magnified movie of your life, and at others, like you are covered by an umbrella of protection that you can use for any creative purpose you like. Jupiter will, this year, cover all the territory that Pluto has covered in the past 14 years, as well as make conjunctions to all the new discoveries in Sagittarius. This includes the current Quaoar/Great Attractor conjunction, and later in the year, the Pluto/Galactic Core conjunction. As if these alignments were not enough, Jupiter is showing up to increase their scale to such a degree that they are impossible to miss, no matter how dense one may be. On a low-density level, though, it may not be so pleasant, though I trust that many years of practice have taught you to ride the tiger of creation.
Whether you are a Sagittarius, Sagg rising, or affected by Sagittarius through some other angle of your life, you are clearly on the brink of some enormous breakthrough. Yet what you need to remember is that it's a holistic breakthrough, not affecting any one part of you, but rather your entire existence. It's a breakthrough of being, rather than of doing. It's a shift in your relationship to all of existence and all people, not to any one person in particular. But I may as well issue a few of the warnings that don't usually come on the label of the bottle of enlightenment.
As you know, you're doing well in a time when the world is not -- indeed, when the world doesn't realize its own peril. This may be something of a grief for you, if you have a shred of sensitivity. On the other hand, this presents many opportunities for you to do your part. You have a lot; this world needs a lot; it's a good time, in that respect. Still, you may need to stand apart from any idea that you are profiting on the world's loss. Rather, you are benefiting from the benefit that you bring to others.
The world, though, is not always so kind to those who carry the light. In some way, without shrinking who you are or compromising what you need to do, you need to exercise discretion, and be clever about how you go about your life and your mission. I would suggest being visible only to the extent that is necessary. If it's necessary to be a little visible; then just be a little visible. If you get that it's necessary to project yourself with great emphasis, then work with that method. It is essential, however, that you work with your environment and make sure that to the extent you experience power, you match it with awareness and a sense of appropriateness.
People have strong reactions to actual strength. There are many around you who are currently provoked and who are going through some parallel process to your own, though not necessarily as gracefully. One thing you may notice is a process of noticing who people really are; their true colors or internal motivations will become visible and at times undeniable. People will tell you what you need to know about them -- and then it is your responsibility to act on that information. You do not owe anyone your allegiance, only an appropriate place in your life.
Those whose growth process is in harmony with yours, you will find natural ways to relate to, and harmonious circumstances that you may share. Those who reveal a different agenda, you need to keep exactly where they belong. I would not suggest ignoring them or their message; symbolically they may play a truly important role, revealing your own tendencies, including those of supporting those who do not support you. You need to be particularly alert for two issues: those who live like they are never going to heal; and those who are abusive. Be mindful of who creates harmony and helps you align the creative energy around you; and those who scramble energy or insist on creating disharmony.
Pay attention to your immediately local environment. Keep track of who is around you. Observe their choices, their activities and their state of mental and physical health -- without judgment, and without a need to intervene in some way, except when you truly feel it's appropriate, which should be rare.
To a great extent, your success this year depends on maintaining authentic harmony, particularly of purpose, among those in your social circle. The people who surround you need to be dedicated to clarity and to getting along with others. This will reflect their inner state more than anything else. Make sure you continuously reckon the state of your social life with what you know about your early childhood environment, and do your best to make an internal adjustment every time you make an external one.
In part due to intense Centaur activity in your 3rd solar house, Aquarius, explained in detail elsewhere in this series, you need to make sure you're doing everything you can to take care of your mind. Actually, physical activity and comfort would be a great idea, but you must be aware of when you're getting stressed and when you need a change of scenery. You must take the energy to make the choices that will shape your environment in a way that supports you. This includes seeking out the right healers, practitioners and consultants to work with. If you find it difficult to do this, notice your resistance, and do what you can to work through it gently, focusing mainly on mental patterns and the corresponding social patterns.
Quaoar is, and has been, teaching you not to take your own existence for granted, or perhaps has been calling your attention to all the ways that you have done so in the past. These elements of your story, with which you cannot be too familiar, have served you to a point -- and that point has arrived. To take over the process yourself, to enter directly into a relationship not with what has been created but with the Prime Creator, you have little choice but to become conscious of how exactly they have shaped you, in some sense fragmented you, and set the different aspects of yourself at odds with one another.
What may be daunting are many situations in your life and indeed how you see yourself that appear to present you with an all-or-nothing choice. That choice may put you in the position of feeling that you will somehow become unpopular with half the population of your life; or that you will betray half of your own intentions in the process. Yet no matter how this may express itself externally, the solution resides in an internal reckoning of your most vital truths.
These have appeared in the form of a series of insights that have, shall we say, been creeping up on you over the years: things you know are true despite anything you may think, believe or are currently committed to. Insight, though, is like light projected on a screen, vivid while it's there, clear to see, available to look at and consider -- until it's not there. You are the source of that light; though the insight may appear to be coming to you, it's really coming from you. That insight may be a vision of things to come, it may be an alternative point of view of yourself, but ultimately it is you.
As Pluto continues its journey across the Galactic Core, drawing you to the deepest core of yourself, you and this seemingly external vision will gradually merge into the one entity you are and were all along. Rather than being a source of controversy as you may fear you are, the unity that is created as you reconcile with yourself will, perhaps a bit strangely, manifest as leadership and harmony in the world around you, and by that, I mean in the people around you and the mission that we share.
Sagittarius, like Pisces, often practices a kind of denial as a psychic coping mechanism, though it's a different kind of denial. Pisces can deny what is good and true; Sagittarius tends to deny what is dark and difficult. You have many reasons for optimism now, and just as many reasons for caution. If there is a way you can walk between the two without being defensive and without raising your expectations of life higher than they need to be, you will continuously gradually unlock the potential of this moment in your life, and at other times, unleash it wildly.
The key to getting the maximum energy from the chemical reaction is having enough of the right ingredients, and combining them consciously. Balance is key; the right mental attitude is key; trusting the process of your own life is the most important of all. We could say that you have little other choice but to trust, but actually, on this plane of reality -- you have several other choices. Trust, at least for you, will be the most obvious of them, and may indeed be the purpose of the whole journey you are on. Perhaps test that theory and see where it leads -- in truth, you cannot go wrong.

For more information about your relationships, please see Gemini. This will give you an idea what is happening for those closest to you, and how they may experience you. For more information about your career, please see Virgo. You can consider this an alternative take on your professional life, as it's an assessment of your 10th house. For more information about the home and security angle of your chart, please see Pisces. This will give you greater detail on themes just covered in this horoscope that relate to home and security. For an explanation of the houses, please see this article.

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