Next World Stories Staff Credits

Next World Stories is a publication of Planet Waves, Inc., first published Jan. 11, 2009. It is the 11th annual edition of Planet Waves — at the beginning of the 11th year of Planet Waves. You can read our anniversary message here, and see a retrospective of past annual editions here. This project was preceded by Small World Stories, the 2008 annual edition.

Planet Waves
Photo from Small World Stories timespace, circa 12/07, by Eric.

Website design is by Eric Francis in New York (concept), Anatoly Ryzhenko in the Ukraine (programming) and Dani Voirin in Paris (the symbols). The project is created in a publishing platform called WordPress, whose motto is, “code is poetry.”

The articles were assigned by Eric, with the exception of one that kind of floated in. They were edited and coordinated by Rachel Asher in New York, with assistance from Fe Bongolan in San Francisco. The two timelines were coordinated by Fe and Shanna Philipson in Oklahoma with extensive research on the Sagittarius timeline by Carol van Strum. Carol is also editor of The Next World’s Stories, our science fiction area, ably assisted by her sons Jordan and Nikko Merrell.

Horoscopes are by Eric with additional research by Genevieve Salerno in New York. Our horoscope proofreader is Jessica Keet in Los Angeles with assistance from A.E. Mansfield in Chicago and Jamie Olson in Eagan, Minnesota; horoscope editing was coordinated by Rachel.

The Next World Planets area is a collaboration between Eric and Genevieve with help from everyone else we’ve learned the minor planets from.

The Resources Area was created by Kirsti Melto in Finland, who cast all the charts, and was programmed, designed and researched by Katie Love in New York. The charts are cast in Solar Fire and Riyal. Additional programming by Tracy Delaney (the tarot generator); and ephemeris assistance. Nikko did the calculations contained in the Aquarius horoscope.

Our business manager is Chelsea Bottinelli in Florida assisted by Sarah Bisonette-Adler in New York. Our sales database programmer is Christopher Clark in Virginia. Special thanks to Alyson Parker.

The writers, including those mentioned above, are:

Rachel Asher, Steve Bergstein, Fe Bongolan, Christine DeLorey, Eric Francis, Judith Gayle, Maria Katzenbach, A. E. Mansfield, Jordan Merrell, Dale O’Brien, Shanna Philipson, Genevieve Salerno, Philip Sedgwick, Nancy L. Sommers, Jeanne Treadway and Carol Van Strum.

The artists, including those mentioned above, are:

Rebecca Cleaves, Virginia Fleck, Eric Francis, Sean Hattersley, Darcy Hutzenlaub, Susan Madsen, Beverly Naidus, Bonnie Reid, George Mobley, Jude Valentine and Danielle Voirin.

Published by the power of the First Amendment, all rights reserved at Kingston, New York, Jan. 11, 2009 of the common era.