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Scorpio and Scorpio Rising: Leading From Behind: New Vision in an Old World

IN THE 20th CENTURY the planet associated with your sign changed from Mars to Pluto, which was discovered in 1930. Plenty else changed. In many respects, the 20th was the Pluto Century. We unraveled much of the human genome. Psychology became a dominant force (though mostly co-opted by advertising). We discovered the crucial importance of the endocrine system, that is, the hormones; in a similar way we discovered the power of sexuality but in that typically Plutonian way, it is invisible. Politics became a slave to the atomic bomb, which is fueled by Plutonium. The population exploded. And we have lived in a state of endless war on the planet.


Pluto quickly became associated with your sign. Given the importance of Scorpio to the entire astrological system and the human experience, and given that Mars had been the Scorpio planet dating back to long before the three wise men showed up in Bethlehem one starry night, this is a significant reinterpretation of astrology: not just of Scorpio per se, but of astrology in total. This does not happen fast, and usually, it does not happen at all. But thanks to Pluto and other factors, it is definitely happening now.

In 2008, Pluto made one of its extremely rare sign changes, which is like stepping through a gateway into another dimension of your existence. I am sure you noticed that some long-awaited plan finally came into action, started moving or manifested in an undeniable way.

In our lifetimes, Pluto changes signs about six times per century. In a way that is rare for any astrological event; this shift affects both you personally, and it affects our (as in all of our) perceptions of reality in one gesture. Few planets can create a sea change for the world like Pluto can, and few planets have such potent personal influence on each person as well. This connection point between the big world, the millions and your personal existence is what I suggest you watch carefully, because it is indeed the thing to behold.

Your chart looks to me like you’re on the edge of a mental transformation that you think could advance the cause of human evolution, if only you could get it right. At other times, you may feel like the world’s mentality is changing, and you are looking at yourself honestly and thinking: wow, I’ve got a long way to go. I’m never really going to catch up.

Which is it? Are you the vanguard, or the rear guard? That is precisely the predicament of your charts, and a good one it is. Don’t worry: time is not strictly an illusion, but it’s sufficiently flexible such that beginnings and endings are intimately related. If you have ever doubted that fact or failed to notice, I suggest that now is the time.

The other thing to notice is that the human creature is defined by its mentality. You have, among other things, a most unusual opportunity before you to deconstruct and reconstruct your mental angle to life — but you will be doing it under some unusual pressures, as you have no doubt noticed by this time. One of the most peculiar things that shows up is every theme and issue around what you call home: your community, your local ecology, your literal dwelling space and the tribe you claim as your own.

One thing I suggest that you affirm about yourself, and I do recall making this point in several other annual horoscopes, is the profound extent to which you require group energy in order to thrive. While I recognize that it’s among the most challenging thing on this planet to manifest healthy group energy, you have come a long way.

Linking the Public and the Private

Most humans suffer from the “little man” complex: they assume they are nobody in the scheme of things. This is why weddings are such a big deal. You get to be someone special for a day. There is acknowledgement that someone’s private existence and the public order of reality have an intersection point. The marriage contract is filed with City Hall, and a public figure of some kind officiates (a sea captain, the Pope, etc.). The wedding is generally held in a public place, despite being about the seemingly most private change in a person’s life, a one-to-one relationship.

I wasn’t thinking about this when giving this example, but it’s actually a really interesting year for relationships for you, and I’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s stick with this seemingly odd point I am trying to make here.

The relationship between the public and the private are painted all over the movements of Pluto for the foreseeable future, and in some way — we don’t know what, quite yet — you personally become an agent of change. Your life becomes a kind of example of something larger, and through your participation, you take a piece of our cultural karma onto yourself.

I do not know what you are going to be called upon to do this year. I don’t know what vision you have for yourself or the world. But I am going to write with the presumption that there is something meaningful that you have been thinking about doing or directly planning; that this something involves more than just you and your family; and that there are certain unexpected developments that will emerge during the next 12 to 24 months that will lead you to rethink the totality of your existence, what you do, why you do it and who you are.

There are relatively few people with any spiritual leanings who do not wish they could participate in some larger way. The astrology could be pointing to your calling to get involved, and your need to consolidate your learning and preparation for a new purpose — all in addition to the truly personal psychological changes that will unfold for you with Pluto in Capricorn. Much of this involves your family conditioning.

One thing you have no doubt noticed is that the intensity level has increased dramatically since late December. This is kind of like a tune-up for the seasons that are ahead; a kind of attenuation. You may also be noticing it’s slightly more difficult to get along with people, which has something to do with you being “more yourself” and others responding in a less-than-friendly way.

You are used to this, but maybe not to this intensity. I suggest you not let it deter you; rather, let it guide you into your inner labyrinth.

How You Think and Why You Think It

Let’s zero in right now on where your two ruling planets were focused as the year began: the 3rd solar house, which for you is Capricorn. That they were conjunct close to the solstice and a powerful New Moon makes this an obvious point of beginning and a significant point of focus for the whole year. The summary: be prepared to think about new things in new ways every single day. There is no point at which your ideas become “set.” Everything is subject to constant revision, including your environment.

As you do this, you may be shocked to discover how much antiquated thinking you are dragging around with you. At times it must feel like trying to play an MP3 on a Close ‘n Play phonograph. Or like the young ones are up there doing some bizarre new dance that only a certified space alien would recognize, while you are still doing the Swim. Don’t feel so bad: I can absolutely assure you that you are not becoming a relic. You are, to the contrary, a pioneer.

While in some ways your thinking may be highly structured — a structure that is changing fast — you do your real thinking with your feelings, over in the next house, the 4th, Aquarius.

The 3rd house is described as the ancient house of brethren. In the first instance, it’s about our brothers and sisters. By extension, it’s therefore about the most local community we inhabit (starting with the kitchen floor), and by a second extension, how news spreads there: first in baby talk and then in more evolved language. The 3rd covers neighbors, gossip, the mail and all the technological advances associated with these things. Siblings, neighbors and community members take on heightened importance in your life as you proceed from this point, and your relationships with them are likely to both intensify, and cause you to rethink your use of words, ideas and communication tools.

Note the influence over how we think that our siblings have. We learn language with them and often from them; we explore the neighborhood with them; we develop psychological patterns in concert with them, many of which are rooted in language. So this is the house of how you think, and why you think that way. It represents mental patterns that constitute the environment of your mind (which extends to technology).

If you are a Scorpio with Luddite tendencies, it’s time to upgrade your 1999 eMac and feel what the technosphere is like traveling at full speed.

Capricorn represents the past, but in current astrological thinking it has evolved, or devolved, into a restrictive set of patterns and mindless adherence to tradition. There is all containment and also condensation (Genevieve’s excellent keyword) and nearly no sense of release or celebration. It is generally held to be about obligation and lack of meaningful choice, from which we can infer the emotional pattern that binds the past together, guilt.

Except for one little thing. Capricorn is the sign of revolutions, such as (for example) the American Revolution, and in my view, the revolution associated with the Age of Reason. Without going into the historical background (which would make a fine article of its own and is in part covered in our Pluto in Capricorn timeline), my sense is that Capricorn is the foundation for all revolutionary thinking. It is an important platform of psychological, social and scientific process, the more so for placing itself under scrutiny.

With Mars and Pluto both in this angle, you can be sure that you are going to be obsessing over some idea that you have been considering for a long time, and applying that to all your other ideas. Pluto moving through your 2nd solar house, Sagittarius, during the past 14 or so years helped you clarify and reach the spiritual basis of what you value. Yet as you know, humans are infamous for valuing one thing and doing another thing. With Pluto being the prime mover right now, that is, the planet that is underscoring all of reality for you, consistency between your values, your thoughts and your actions is the basis of your personal development.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Pluto arrives in your 3rd house after a kind of world tour in Sagittarius. This suggests that you already have acquired a kind of global vision, or inner vision. I would not be surprised if you traveled more than you were planning to, if you were involved in one or more long-distance moves and if your world has not expanded considerably in this time. Your charts say you have been doing deep thinking about your spiritual growth, per se, which relates to a significantly changed worldview that has evolved over the past decade.

Now is the time to put this into action. Humans are a lazy species and we are driven by crisis more than any one factor. I dread to think how many houses burned down before someone came up with the idea of a fire department. Now is the time to make a series of revisions in the most basic patterns of your life, which incorporate what you have learned and discovered.

There is a practical question here: how exactly do you do this? I can offer a few suggestions, the first of which is to write. I know that I’m a writer and not everyone else is, but I’m going to propose that writing is one of the most meaningful things you can involve yourself in at this point of your life, no matter how difficult or easy or fulfilling or frustrating the process is. If you don’t think you can write, or if you don’t like to write, get over it. Pluto will reward you with growth, the opportunity for service and achievement: all very satisfying things in this world. I suggest you write as a discipline, which is to say, on a regular schedule, with some investment made daily. That is how you will get results that will make the effort worth it. Not weekly: daily.

The second is research. This already fascinates you, but now the spotlight is on this theme. You need to know history; and you need in particular to know the history of your family and your local environment. This is a crucial point of grounding; of local involvement; of seeing your interconnectedness to the rest of reality. Pluto should have you fairly well obsessed with history anyway, and if you honor this calling your life will be a more pleasant place with a deeper sense of meaning.

You will be impressed, I think, with the slagheap of humanity’s mistakes that you find in doing this, mistakes that you will agree we need to evolve beyond. I think that when you look closely you will be stunned at how narrow-minded your upbringing was, and how it basically put a set of blinders on you. And I think that you will basically be floored by the extent to which Christian guilt has dominated not just your own mind but also the collective consciousness for as far back as you are able to discern.

Where you would begin your study of history could be anywhere; but try the place that you feel is most relevant or interesting. Get into the matrix. You could begin with an event, with a location, with your own personal history or with the history of a local issue (that would be great). It does not matter where you begin, because where you end up will be far more interesting.

Along the way, your job is to bring the widest vision, your most authentic values and a corresponding sense of mission to what you are doing. And more than anything, your role is to express yourself in a way that is creative and experimental, yet with the integrity of one who is speaking to the public, whose words and ideas will be recorded.

Many other planetary movements suggest that your real goal is to liberate a sense of passion and joy in what you are doing that has been struggling to be born in your psyche for a long time. For most people, thought is labor. For you, you have a leadership role of putting out a modality where thought is a form of celebration.

Your Deepest Aspiration: Community

In recent annual editions, I have been emphasizing the role of community in your thinking and in your life. This is a bit unusual because astrology textbooks don’t often mention that Scorpios seek their sense of security through the formation of community and group consciousness. I’ve personally never read it; but it’s right there as a key attribute of the solar house.

I would imagine that you have struggled with this theme for some years, as you sought your ‘true community’ or reached for some notion of who you are in relationship to other people, but with a particularly bold emphasis in the past few years. There has been, most lately, the feeling of cleaning something up; of clearing space; of understanding the dynamics of groups of all kinds — but in particular making a careful study of the group dynamics of your family.

With the theme of groups and community we are talking about something that is on the level of your life’s work; of something closely related to your mission in being incarnated. This is a bold statement, I know: but this is what I am proposing.

In particular, there is something about this time, now, where you are being called to action. In terms of the material I covered relating to your 3rd house and Capricorn, think of this process as providing the raw fuel for your long-term vision. What you are dismantling and/or striving to understand with the process underway in Capricorn is about making room for your new vision, which is well underway in Aquarius, the sign of community and your 4th house of personal security and home — and where a conjunction is forming between Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.

I would say from this set of correspondences that you are ready to commit to the ways of the future rather than the ways of the past. You are ready to create a world for yourself, and for people close to you, that goes beyond the concept of private, of traditional, of parochial; of what is expected.

Here, though, we have an image of leading from behind. You need to be aware of the burden of the past and the tentative reach toward the future that we are working toward. Remember that people are generally scared of the future rather than welcoming of it. You, at least, have guts. You know you have mental prowess and you know that as a Scorpio you could cut steel with your fingernails if the day came when you had to do that. Mainly the example you will serve is one of being fearless enough to consider a new idea, without a shred of ignorance about what has visited us all in the past.

Creativity, Passion and Public Acceptance

One thing you may be noticing is that when you express yourself creatively, intellectually, sexually or in any other obvious way, you are likely to meet resistance. This is a sign of the times we are in, when any form of authentic expression is considered dangerous or subversive. But notice something else: there is always an influence in your environment pushing you to go further; to open up more. Make friends with the people who play this role, if you can keep them around long enough to have tea.

You need teachers. You need examples. Everyone whose role it is to set an example does.

Teaching and learning are part of the same process, and it is currently well underway. There was some incident in the mid-autumn that allowed you to take a step, to push the world a little wider for yourself, and more to the point, to take the space that you can take. This can feel like a bold gesture. Remember that most of what you are doing is claiming your right to occupy mental bandwidth among the people with whom you associate.

The wider their bandwidth, the wider you can spread your own. There is something clearly pointing to a kind of sexual revolution in your charts, and it has been for a while. You may notice that when you get onto the sexual wavelength, that is where you find the most resistance. I suggest you persist in being yourself, in cultivating sexuality as a function of both language and intuition (and of course, your body), and gradually raise your awareness to embrace your own potential.

Inward Movement in a Relationship

You have a deep involvement with the sign Taurus, and Venus, the ruler of Taurus, goes into retrograde motion early this year. (This is explained in greater detail in the Taurus horoscope, though I will relate to you what is most relevant here.) The astrology suggests that someone close to you is going through a deeply introspective process of rediscovery. The retrograde takes place mostly in Aries, which can be a difficult sign for Venus in that it can over-focus on self and not other.

The result may leave you feeling like you’re not in a relationship that you are actually in, or thought you were. If this involves a current partner, and you value this person, I suggest you be patient with this person and take the opportunity to work with your own process. What is interesting is that at first, it may seem to a partner like you are the one who is so preoccupied you have no time for the relationship. And indeed it may be your involvement with the rest of your existence that prompts or sets off this person’s change in perspective or attitude.

Be aware that there may feel like a time when you completely lose, or lose contact with, someone. As a Scorpio, you are not one to turn off your remote sensors willingly; you generally keep at least psychic contact with everyone who is around you, particularly your most intimate partners. I suggest that this is where you let go as the retrograde reaches its peak in mid-April. Please remember I wrote these words: no matter what the seeming outer turn of events, do your best not to judge; not to cling to the relationship; merely to coast with the energy, being attentive to your own reality first and foremost.

There may be “incidents” that seem to turn events against you; try to be gentle and withdraw your energy rather than clinging, clawing or controlling. This is a very excellent opportunity (among other processes of rethinking) to learn how to be a little more detached from your relationship partners. I think you will recognize that this has positive results.

What this symbolizes for people out of partnership is not that far off this description. I personally don’t think that it’s a great time for settling in with someone, but rather learning to witness the process of others’ introspection. I think that if the human race needs to learn to do one thing in its relationships, this is it. That, of course, and love ourselves.

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