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Gemini and Gemini rising: Whispers of Immortality

Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in his book A Coney Island of the Mind, says that life is great, so long as you don’t mind the undertaker peering at you from around every corner. Usually we don’t quite experience this directly; that is the viewpoint of a poet. What we do experience is lurking anxiety, and a stressful relationship with change, even if it’s the change we want the most. For strength and supposed security, we tend to lean on structure, even if it’s structure that’s taking enormous energy to support and is preventing us from doing what we want.


I know that you see an alternative to this, even though it’s not widely embraced or recognized in the world around you. I know that you can tell the difference between responsibility that is based on obligation, and responsibility to yourself that has its roots in your chosen journey on this Earth.

But living these choices takes guts. And it takes awareness of things that we don’t necessarily want to confront and for which others don’t often support us. For example, most people don’t like to admit that as mortal beings, we exist in a constant relationship to death. Because we tend to deny this relationship unless actually confronted by it, many things that would be more accurately described as transition, transformation, growth, progress and ordinary change actually masquerade as something frightful. Denying the simple truth leads to complicated lies.

Lies lead to fear, and fear makes us both weaker and easier to manipulate: to sell things to, to take things from and to swindle out of our true goals and our deeper sense of who we are. We can find ourselves in relationships less out of love and more because we don’t want to be alone, in particular when we are older (even though we’re not quite there yet). Many relationships have their roots in guilt rather than in love, even though we don’t have a word for “the guilt that masquerades as love.”

We can often find ourselves in those positions of not knowing what to believe and not knowing what we feel; therefore we believe the thing that has the strongest emotional pull (such as the worst possible outcome), what we want to believe (some form of hope) or what we are conditioned to believe (such as religion).

Bringing the Dark to the Light

About 10 years ago I woke up one morning from a dream of a crow, and the message that, “You will not have a conscious relationship to life until you have a conscious relationship to death.” I wondered: why am I getting this information? Is it some kind of omen? And then I realized: embrace this idea as absolutely necessary. Many spiritual traditions, and humanistic traditions, make this point. I once asked my Gestalt therapist, Joe Trusso, what to do about death, and he said, “Dance with it.”

Skip ahead to last night. While I was deep on an inner journey, I found myself in a place that I can only describe as species consciousness. Awareness of the entirety of human experience, every person throughout the whole of time, is one entity of which I was consciously a part. This may have been my first fully aware recognition that we are all actually one entity, on a level that is nearly impossible to discern because we see separate people in separate bodies.

With this came the recognition that the human form would, itself, need to be set aside by the soul group that has been incarnating over the eons (that would be all of us, incarnating over and over again). I felt and recognized with full awareness that there would arrive a day when we would all, collectively, let go of the human experience itself and move onto some other collective embodiment, designed to serve another purpose that humanity as we think of it, the high and the low, is not capable of serving.

I was with a friend and I looked at her and I felt that moment, far in the future. I saw in her face the moment of releasing this familiar form we have all taken up so many times; the moment when we recognize that this is the end of our collective experience as people, and that we would take up some new adventure on another world with another purpose. Everything we will have lived through as humans on Earth, seemingly great and seemingly small, all the wars and the brilliant art, the fraud, the ordinary life; the losses and the gains, adds up to this one transition.

Now, if you would, consider this: we’ve already done this before. All of us who are here were once part of something else; something that seemed like all there was, but which we gradually realized was just one step in a much larger process. We moved on from some other form having mastered its lessons and maximized its potential. If we could see that, we might look back at it and think: how simple were those lessons. What was the big deal? Why did it take us so long? What, exactly, were we afraid of?

Pluto in Your 8th Solar House

If your astrology is telling us anything at all, this is a moment when your relationship to change comes consciously into focus. This is associated with Pluto’s move into Capricorn, one of the most challenging energies that we face on Earth at this time. This is your 8th solar house, the one associated with the deepest transformations. Capricorn here tells us that this kind of deep movement is more difficult for you than most people would imagine, since your sign is associated with seemingly fast transitions, decisions and moving circumstances.

The deeper reality is that you often find yourself embedded in situations that, no matter how progressive they seemed at first, quickly take on the characteristic of being hung up in the past. It often seems like you agree to one thing and get something entirely different. Why this happens is one of those excellent therapy-type questions, but not the theoretical kind: it’s become eminently practical at the moment.

What exactly do we get hung up on? Beliefs we don’t know we have; family secrets that weigh us down with their karma; and the lurking fear of death/change that itself is part of the human legacy. I am talking about what some people call karma. There is hardly a better picture of karma than Capricorn in the 8th house — and hardly a better picture of resolving, and freeing energy and joy, than Pluto coming through this house.

If you’ve had any kind of ominous sense of your own existence lately, or the imminence of some profound shift in your life, or if you have been gradually warming up to enormous changes that you sense are inevitable anyway, we have some astrological imagery to go with it. The movement is deeper than it seems on the outside. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’ve found yourself in a new relationship. The implication is not just that this is an experience with a new person, but rather that you’re going to need to restructure your life in order to actually take this journey.

Or, let’s say you wake up one morning knowing you must get out of a relationship. This will involve considering how you got there, and questioning all of the family rules and laws that are holding the situation in place. To shift the situation, to actually set yourself free, you can’t just change the relationship itself. You have to go deeper: and when you do, you may find yourself wondering why your parents’ and grandparents’ relationships were what they were. Your life is part of a larger life. The values that are supposedly your own are at least half the shared property of others.

You may not have inherited a fortune. But you inherited a way of life, and if you want to change your own way of life, you must confront the accumulated material, patterns and commitments of the past. This is Capricorn in the 8th house. When you add Pluto to this equation, we find you in a phase of your growth when you get to consider, confront and transform every known and unknown commitment with which you currently live.

This may seem ominous. Yet nothing can stop Pluto, and the reality is, nobody would want to if they appreciated the process. We know how stuck humanity is; you know in your heart how difficult it is to change yourself. Pluto is now making inevitable much that you’ve been certain was impossible.

If you are feeling some overwhelming question about the meaning of your existence, welcome to Pluto in your 8th solar house. Welcome to a conscious relationship to life, and a conscious relationship to change, which is usually experienced as death. The challenge of this process is in the simplicity; and also in your willingness to move with the energy. In the process, you will get to know yourself deeply in a way that you have only begun to taste during the past four seasons: but enough that you see a potential reward. Enough that the inevitability of letting go into the future is being met by your willingness to do so, not just because you have to, but because you know beyond any doubt in your mind that it will truly be the best thing for you.

Gemini is the first of the human signs, that is, the first sign to depict human form. The zodiac is predominantly a collection of animal forms; this is not true of your sign. Here the ancients left us with a little joke: there are two people in the picture. Maybe they are twins, brothers, sisters or lovers; but there are two of them depicted. Usually you live with this as dualism, as two distinct aspects of your nature.

What is not commonly known or spoken of is that the twofold nature of Gemini involves the mortal versus the immortal qualities of human consciousness. The mortal aspect we associate with the body and the ego. The immortal aspect we associate with the soul or the spirit. The two are in a relationship, though it has a way of being unconscious. Yet they are in fact aware of one another; they depend on one another to create this experience that we call human. Together, the polarity, truly experienced, may be the source of what we call consciousness.

If we refuse to look at one side of the equation or the other, we lose awareness of the experience in total. This is why life-affirming events remind us of mortality, and why mortality reminds us of the beauty and indeed the fact of existence. So as you embark on this 8th house journey, remember to hold those two mirrors of consciousness to one another, and to look for your reflection in both of them.

A Spiritual Journey; A Relationship Odyssey

Your transits for the past decade have had two distinct flavors: one has been a spiritual journey associated with Neptune in your 9th solar house; and the other, a relationship odyssey associated with Pluto in your opposite sign, Sagittarius.

We often hear that relationships are the most effective teachers (if only we would grasp the lessons!). And so while you’ve encountered one relationship situation more intense than the next, and a few that pushed you nonstop for the entire duration that Pluto was in Sagittarius, you were growing, and the quality of this growth was expressing itself as something seemingly unrelated: a quest in the outer world, and a gradual awakening of your spiritual sensibilities to a level that has truly surprised you.

You might not have liked the outcome of every situation, but one thing became clearer as you moved from one to the next: you came in contact with your deeper sense of self. In a way reminiscent of the 8th house (because Pluto always is), each situation confronted you with change, with power greater than your own.

If we look at the big world, that is, the global situation, it’s clear that Pluto in Sagittarius has done some significant damage. The obsession with ideology has led to a phase of history when, once again, the wars are seemingly religious in nature. We forget that this is a ruse; what is always at stake is power. Yet the surface drama of religion or ideology has nearly everyone distracted.

What is more difficult to see is that as we have lived through the Pluto in Sagittarius era, many people have become more deeply in contact with their spiritual consciousness; that is, with their soul-level energy. By many, I mean something like between five and 10 percent of the people around us really woke up to an entirely new dimension of reality; and perhaps a third are sufficiently sensitized to subtle levels of reasoning or a sense of purpose that would have made no sense at all a decade ago and has some relevance now.

I would suspect that you have long had a vision that something like this was possible, though unlikely: for yourself and for the rest of us. During most of the years that Pluto was in Sagittarius, Neptune in Aquarius was doing its work in your chart and in your life as well. This transit, through your 9th solar house, has granted you a vision of what life could be like far in the future. It may have seemed so far in the future that you counted it as little more than ideal or a kind of hope. The vision may have lacked form, it may have lacked a name and it very likely lacked any sense of practical application.

Then came Chiron, which pushed your process into hyper speed. This took hold during the past four years. I would describe this as learning something profound or embarking on a conscious quest. It may have arrived as a crisis of belief, or some situation where your ideals were challenged and you had to put them to some kind of a test. You may have broken ranks with the people around you, doing something like taking up your own personal form of spirituality rather than going along with what everyone else was doing or thinking.

For most people, this is an incredible step to take: in many ways, individuality is founded on the freedom to believe what we know to be true, not what others say is true. It works out that other influences (for example, Nessus in Aquarius along with Chiron) pointed to the cruelty of these beliefs, or a hidden agenda, that many people around you were swallowing whole. I am pretty sure the karmic nature became obvious to you: that is, the process of a cause leading to an effect, leading to another cause and finally coming full circle.

You are ready to step out of this cycle. The process of your 9th house is about to come into vivid focus as a sense of direction, a sense of your mission and your spiritual vision sharpening. It looks like you’re going to see an immediate return on this process, though there are likely to be three major junction points: mid-spring, early summer and then at the end of the year. These are likely to arrive as some significant, actual opportunity to expand your world. You may literally be invited to a distant place. You may make contact with a group of people to whom you truly relate. You may find that a kind of Sixties has opened up for you.

The question is, are you far enough along on the process of dismantling your old values to be able to embrace something that is actually new? This is the question that will dominate your life for the next two to three years, as Pluto spurs the process of breaking apart and understanding the old, while Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune help you manifest your highest visions.

This is an exchange process, but the depth of the exchange is something that you may not quite be able to see.

The Impossible Dream of the Ego

One of the things the 9th house points to is the potential for immortality. We don’t know about this, I know. We are all, or most of us anyway, a bunch of skeptics. But your spiritual quest of the past few years has been fuelled among other things by a relationship to what some schools of thought describe as the ‘higher self’. Even for those who are devoutly on one spiritual path or another, this higher self is not necessarily so talkative; but you may have learned by now that its voice is as loud as your willingness to listen.

The notion of a self beyond the self points to the potential for some aspect of the ‘self’ living beyond the life of the mortal coil, because in theory it is not dependent upon the body for its existence.

Consider this, though: liberating this higher self has something important to do with the body and the body’s feelings. You are having two profound transits simultaneously: the great Aquarius conjunction in your 9th solar house, and Pluto through your 8th solar house. There is a conversion process here: energy liberated through the Pluto-Capricorn transit will be funneled directly into your 9th house. This is the way the astrological system was designed: the theme of one house leads to the theme of the next. Often we try to skip, for example, embracing spirituality without having made a direct meeting with deeply taboo subjects such as our sexuality and death.

I suggest you consider this one energy circuit; one biopsychic process. Pluto through the 8th house will help you uproot the prudish aspect of your nature, which is a kind of family tradition, in addition to many other family secrets and taboos that bind up your energy. This in turn is part of a larger process of letting go of the past, but what you let go of is specifically a legacy that involves guilt and shame around sexuality that is clearly religious in nature.

This is likely to involve a new depth of sexual experimentation, questioning the nature of commitment and legal relationship contracts and striving for new modes of being emotionally free. You’re likely to experience power dynamics brought to the surface of your experience rather than buried in the secret laws and codes of relationship. One thing you may need to confront is the belief structure of your parents, your partner or former partner and others who have influence over your life that it’s not ‘proper’ for you to experiment with liberationist beliefs. Indeed, sexual freedom has become an impossible dream on the level of the soul’s immortality.

But it’s not really a matter you care to debate. You know that you need to be free: economically, sexually, spiritually and in many other ways. Prepare yourself to confront the taboos against all of these things. Be prepared for people to assert their so-called power against you, and know the price you are willing to pay for your freedom. It will be both more and less than you now imagine; more in that you actually do have to take a chance in order to be free, and buck up against our society’s overwhelming premium placed on guilt. It will be less in the sense that you are not really going to miss what you think you are giving up, and you will welcome with open arms the gifts that come to you.

One of these gifts, simply, is freedom. But along the way, remember what you are being freed from, and what you are being freed to. Remember that freedom and healing and immortality are things we don’t do alone. What you are going through now is not just about you. If you look closely you will see that everyone you know is experiencing something parallel, perhaps in a different aspect of their lives and spoken of in different words, but you are not alone. You never really were.

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  1. Elisabetta Says:

    Dear Eric, errrr… I have been reading your writings since at least four years and really appreciating your view point, the depth of your analysis and your writing skills. So I decided to give myself a gift and purcase your annual edition. Then I eagerly awaited for it. It arrived and I am quite surprised… probably it’s a matter of a different astrological reading technique, but your are talking about my 8th and 9th house, while Pluto is still in my 11th house, entering my 10th in a couple of years or so. How is that? What am I supposed to find in your Whispers of Immortality, since house (and therefore interpretations?) don’t meet?
    I am a Gemini, rising Aquarius, born in Gorizia (Italy), on the 5th of June 1972, at 0017AM.

    Best regards,