Interview with M. M. Meleen, creator of the Rosetta Tarot

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By Sarah Taylor

After this weekend, I will be using a new tarot deck for the Weekend Tarot Reading, which is posted here on Planet Waves each Sunday.

The Star -- Rosetta Tarot deck.

The Star from the Rosetta Tarot deck, created by M. M. Meleen. Copyright 2011 M. M. Meleen. Click on the image for a larger version.

The Rosetta Tarot was created by M. M. Meleen, and while I describe it as a re-visioning of the Thoth Tarot, it is more than able to stand on its own two feet as a singular contribution to the tarot world. I have a deck myself and it is both beautiful and holds a vibrant energy that is also distinctly feminine. I’m looking forward to seeing how we work together in a reading.

I thought I would introduce the deck through the words of its creator, and so this week we have an interview with M. M. Meleen about how the deck came into being, the philosophy that shaped it, and the role that tarot plays in her life.

Note: I can’t get into a discussion on a tarot deck that is inspired by the Thoth without also getting into a discussion on Qabalah (or Kabbalah), the Tree of Life and other occult (‘hidden’) symbols. I understand that not all — probably not many — readers will be familiar with a lot of the language used here, but I am leaving the interview untouched for the most part because this approach to symbolism is an integral part of M. M. Meleen’s philosophy. For those who are familiar, it will offer an insight into what brought The Rosetta Tarot into being. For those who aren’t, I’d suggest meeting it with an open mind and the knowledge that you can read more about what you want (I’ve included some links to the absolute basics), and leave what you don’t. The comments in squared brackets are mine.

What is your tarot background?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to tarot imagery and the associated symbols and structures. I don’t feel that I have a tarot background in any professional sense, at least in this lifetime, as I’ve never done readings for hire.

My mother had some interest in the tarot and had painted a mural-sized copy of the Rider-Waite Wheel of Fortune on our kitchen wall in the place I lived in as a preschooler, so I spent a lot of time studying it over my breakfast cereal, and it must have had an effect. A few years later while sick with a fever I spent a lot of time with a tapestry of The Fool, marked with the Eye of Horus.

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4 Responses to Interview with M. M. Meleen, creator of the Rosetta Tarot

  1. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    P. Sophia, Lizzy, Sina – Thank you for your contributions.

    P. Sophia – I hope you start seeing more correspondences that can lead you further and deeper into the tarot.

    Lizzy – I see what you mean about the illustration; for me it’s the veil.

    Sina – A lovely synchronicity! Let me know if you get your mother a deck.

    I’m looking forward to working with the Rosetta very much. One last weekend with the Röhrig-Tarot – which is connected with the Rosetta through its reference to the Thoth – and then then it’s the turn of M. M. Meleen’s Rosetta the second weekend in December.

  2. Sina says:

    Oh Sarah,

    What a beautiful deck! From the moment I saw the Star card at the beginning of the article, I was drawn in. Then when I saw the name….OMG, that’s my mother’s name. She was born just after the discovery of the Rosetta stone, and her brother begged his dad to name her that.

    My grandmother was a reader before she became blind with glaucoma in her 60’s, and I’ve been reading for 20yrs now, but Mum has never been interested in learning to read tarot, only in receiving readings. Maybe a deck that bears her name might entice her into learning what her mother knew???

    Thank you for introducing us to M.M Meleen and her beautiful beguiling deck. I can’t wait to see what comes up as you work with “her” over the next few weeks.


  3. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Lovely interview, gorgeous cards. The Star lights up the page, takes me back to childhood christmases and those wonderful illustrations by Dulac for children’s books. For example…

  4. P. Sophia P. Sophia says:

    What an amazing story, life and expression you offer. Sincerely, M. M. Meleen, thank you for sharing and exposing what is true visionary, creative development in process. Your life’s work has touched me.

    And, Sarah thank you of course for bringing this to us. What a fascinating interview. I absolutely love the artistic work of the Rosetta deck cards that I admired on the website link. And, in having a look at the new deck, …wow, it really spoke vividly to me.

    I am very new to tarot, but quickly realizing it can powerfully draw reference in and around me. The transferring symbolic meaning, spiritual healing and awareness potential, of great intuitive interest the cards hold for me.

    Sarah I am so glad the Tree of Life came up. Golden Dawn, 777, the great work… All these esoteric, mystical topics have recently been beginning to coincidentally draw and open up to me. So much learning and as i am led, i so appreciate your work, expressive teaching through readings and feedback –especially looking forward to delving into the depths exploring M.M.’s beautiful, rich deck in the book of Seshet we all will have the pleasure of experiencing together here.


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