ERIC FRANCIS arrived on Earth with impeccable timing to coalesce a vibrant subculture around his web page, PLANET WAVES. Brandishing his own style of astrojournalism plus hot weekly horoscopes, before long Eric was drawing millions of hits & built an international team of writers, artists and visionaries.

'Have you ever woken up unable to remember your name?' he wrote in a recent Aquarius horoscope. 'From the look of your charts, that's the kind of phase of life you're in right now, one of those mysterious, indefinable moments in between'. So it seems for so many here. Eric Francis paints that moment between with a colorful fusion of journalism and astrology.

Los Angeles-based FLAUNT magazine is the latest to spin Eric Francis horoscopes out to the world, tight on the heels of the London DAILY MIRROR and The LOOK magazine. PLANET WAVES also reaches in-print readerships in New York, Washington, Wisconsin and New Mexico.

For five years, Eric appeared as AOL-UK's in-house horoscope writer, building a wide following throughout the British Isles early in his professional career. A pioneer in the field of new planetary discoveries, he presented a full-day workshop on Chiron at the MANCHESTER ASTROLOGICAL LODGE.

Born in Brooklyn by the Sea, Eric grew up thinking the world was his journalism toy. By age 25, he had founded STUDENT LEADER NEWS SERVICE, networking coverage of governmental affairs into the newsrooms of sixty student papers. Made famous by Eric's on-scene stories about activism and financial scandals, STUDENT LEADER's mission was ultimately environmental. Eric's investigations of corporate and scientific fraud involving chemical supertoxins eventually reached every continent via his exposés in SIERRA, The VILLAGE VOICE and The LAS VEGAS SUN.

The NEW YORK TIMES twice featured prominent articles on Eric's journalistic adventures, comparing him to a blend of Seymour Hersch, Jerry Rubin and 60 MINUTES.

Soon after, RADIO NAVIGATOR on RADIO WOODSTOCK brought astrology and activism to the airwaves.

Sunday nights, this luxurious program hosted intelligent guests and conversed with callers, echoing socially conscious themes across the mountain landscapes.

Throughout the years is woven the chronicle of the PLANET WAVES horoscope, journaling our inner worlds, watching the stellar reflection and making the cosmos cosmopolitan.

Today, Eric's thriving company, PLANET WAVES DIGITAL MEDIA, oversees sale of his astrology newsletter to individual readers. He serves a consultancy clientele throughout the English-speaking world, appealing to the high-energy generations born in the Sixties and Seventies.

Quite possibly that appeal arises from the blend of insight, compassion and real-life grounding that Eric brings to his writing every day, what one reader recently called his passion for humanity.

Through Internet, newspapers, magazines and broadcast, the reassuring voice of Eric Francis confirms the sanity of those creating a better life for themselves, their children and our world.

HHHHHHere at the right time.

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— Written Dec. 31, 2003 & Jan. 1, 2004

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Images are samples from the past six years of Planet Waves articles by Eric Francis. Credits Row One - Cassini Space probe image of Earth flyby by NASA, Venezuela eclipse composite by Bob Yen, courtesy Astronomy Picture of the Day; and "Macrocosmos" by Maya Dexter, Planet Waves. | Row Two - Three left headshot images by Maria Henzler; and Virginia Lepley, and family. | Row Three - AP image of anti-globalization protest, Wired magazine image of Burning Man, and public domain image of Hale Bopp comet. Row Four - "Above An Atlas" by Carlos Solorzano Smith, Planet Waves | Row Five - Leo, from the Astrological Bodies Series, New Zealand | PLANET WAVES logo by Eric Francis, Rosette Nebula sample courtesy APOD. Artwork and photography copyright retained by the respective artist.