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Who Do You Want As Your Astrologer?

Dear Friend and Reader:

There are a lot of astrologers out there. What qualifies them to do the work that they do? Where did they get their knowledge and experience? What kind of training did they have? This letter is designed to tell you a little about what I offer as an astrologer, in the way of personal attributes and assets.

My service mission is to offer what I know and teach my methods. Through our 23-year history, many, many people have learned astrology, research and journalism skills working for Planet Waves. Our whole presentation is designed to be a complete astrology education, presented in many different formats. Yet I am more concerned with teaching the kind of life skills that few know and even fewer offer. This is what you support when you invest in the work of Planet Waves.

Here is a little history in the present-tense.

My European Union presidential-level press credential.
Astrology is my third career. I have life experience that gives me perspective and confidence. Prior to working full time as a journalist and editor, I was on my way to a career in food service, heading for the position of Executive Chef.

I declined my acceptance at the and continued my journey as an investigative reporter. Aware that I could work my way into any role in pro journalism, I departed from a conventional career path in 1989 and went into business for myself.

I have practiced astrology every day since my birthday in 1994. That was the day I bought my first ephemeris and also had my deposition taken by the New York State Attorney General in a First Amendment lawsuit against New York I have not missed a day of astrological research, practice or study since then no matter where I've been or what I've been doing. Travel to the ruins of ancient Greece and Egypt has been deeply institutive.

I started taking guitar lessons at 47. The chances are you're not a spring chicken. Neither am I. It's one thing to say that older people have potential, and it's another thing to live practice that daily. I'm always in the process of exploring an art form, and shortly before I turned 50 chose something considered nearly impossible to learn at that age and have since recorded many albums (you can hear my music in my astrology readings or on this 24-hour feed). Working with someone 50 or 60 or 70 years old, when I say you can do it, I mean it. After a life spent doing youth organizing and teaching journalism to young people, people much older than me have sought out my astrology through my whole career. I have learned a lot from you. (Many Planet Waves readers are women in their 60s through their 80s, and these are my very favorite fans. We will help you with the website.)

Covering toxins on a college campus from a motel in New Paltz, New York, circa 2006. Photo by Danielle Voirin.
My spiritual training and foundation are what I rely on the most. This is about my relationship to God and existence. Without that I would have no business talking to you. Though I have extensive therapy training from excellent teachers, my spiritual foundation is the actual basis of my work. I began A Course in Miracles in 1986, though my relationship to the Inner Light awakened at age 14 when I figured out I was Quaker and knew I would never, ever fight in a war.

Journalism has taught me about the world as eyewitness and participant. I have covered the following industries and issues in depth: Beverage Alcohol (marketing and regulation), Medical and Nursing Education, K-12 Education Law, Public Higher Education, Chemical Manufacturing, Toxicology, Real Estate Fraud (by land trusts), Civil Rights, Nuclear Power, Virology, and politics on the local, county, state, federal and international levels. When I write or serve as your consultant, I am not speculating. I know when I don't know.

I have had the best astrology teachers in the world. In the spirit of Chiron, I have formed mentor relationships with gifted and original astrologers. They include two of the founders of the classical astrology movement — Robert Hand and Robert Schmidt, as well as Laurie Burnett (uncredited coauthor of Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul), Barbara Hand Clow (author of Chiron: Rainbow Bridge), asteroid master Martha Lang Wescott, my primary astrology teacher David Arner, and astrology book publisher Dave Roell. I was called to astrology by Patric Walker's column in The New York Post and learned more astrology from him than anyone else. He proved to me it was real and I had to learn how to do it.

After visiting the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, 2007.
Here is what Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey, says about my work: "Eric has been deeply dedicated to astrology for decades, and his prolific work is based on the application of astrology to the living field of human experience — bringing awareness to the journey of deepening and awakening, both individual and collective. He engages with the full spectrum of astrological considerations, from the philosophical to the experiential, and I've been grateful for the many illuminating (and fun!) exchanges we've had down the years."

I am one of the few astrologers who writes, researches and teaches on the topic of the newly discovered planets. This topic has fallen through the cracks of modern professional astrology — but not at Planet Waves. I study the history of the minor planets, astrophysics, physics and the astrology of the minor planets every day. I cover them in almost every article and have contributed to the delineations of many new planets. I was the first astrologer to write about Eris, in the winter of 2006-2007. I know how to work with the whole sky.

I lead the world's only team of astrologically trained investigative reporters. To work at Planet Waves as an editor, one must be a qualified astrologer and reporter. Everyone at Planet Waves has a bit of Buckaroo Bonzai to them: physicist, neurosurgeon, test pilot and rock star, but it's more like artist, editor, writer, astrologer, proofreader, and photo editor. But more than that, I strive to work only with people of impeccable moral character, who understand the service mission of Planet Waves.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
I am willing to take risks to get the story right, and bring it to you. Telling the actual story requires a journalist and a publication to take a risk. The truth must be the only guide, and a reporter owes it to his readers to tell them exactly what he knows. There is no compromise possible here. It is essential to use who take responsibility for what they say. This takes devotion, training, time and resources. That is what we offer to the cause of an actual Free Press, which is the immune system of a free society.

I've written 2,000 daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes in newspapers and magazines worldwide, and about as many astrology articles on every conceivable topic. Despite the condition of the world, I remain excited about life, astrology and the potential of the human race. Everything I write is new, self-aware, alive and in the moment. My team and I aspire to have everything we publish be both artful and informative.

We support people when they are low on funds. Planet Waves turns nobody away. We take care of people who are in financial hardship and still depend on our services (and always have back to our founding as a company). Years later, people thank us for having been there for them when nobody else was. I only know of one other business that helps its customers even when they cannot pay — a pizzeria in Saugerties, New York (we donate toward their community efforts). You are invited to for those not in a position to pay at this time.

I have lived, worked professionally, taught astrology and made art in many countries. These include Canada, England, France, Belgium, and in the United States, regions including the Pacific Northwest, Miami and my native home, New York City and New York State. While I may write mostly about the United States because I live here (it's difficult to write about someplace you don't live), I am not "Amerocentric." I understand there is a big world and that there are many ways of life. Planet Waves editors, artists and writers have come from numerous countries over the years.

You can call me on the phone. I do not hide behind email forms, secretaries, or my public image. I publish my phone numbers. You can speak to me almost any day of the year. I am an old-fashioned reporter. If you meet me on the street I will probably talk to you for an hour. If you're in my area, I'll make you dinner or at least meet you for coffee.


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A universe embedded in ice: Spring thaw on the Grandmother Land. Photo by Eric Francis.

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