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Welcome to LISTEN, our 2013 Annual Edition

This is a short audio presentation that explains how I did the readings, as well as the house systems that I used to do them.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Today we’ve published LISTEN, the 2013 annual edition of Planet Waves. Check your email records for your login information. If you cannot find it, write to orders@planetwaves.net and Chelsea or Ali will help you. If you would like to purchase access to the readings, please use this link. If you would like to get all 12 signs at the discounted price, you can subscribe by writing to chelsea@planetwaves.net.

Image by Debra Cortese.

Image by Debra Cortese.

Personally I am looking forward to the relative optimism of a year that does not end with a long-predicted ‘end of the world’ type scenario, anticipation of mass cataclysm, mass enlightenment or some other looming specter. Speaking as a Pisces Sun with Cancer rising, I’m also looking forward to a year where the emphasis is on the water signs, more than any other time in the past decade or more.

This year’s annual edition, our 14th by the way, took seven months of research, recording, writing, design and development. There are audio and written readings for all 12 Sun signs and rising signs — and lots of other articles and resources. This year’s annual also includes music by composer Renee Blue O’Connell, who provided a theme for each of the zodiac signs from her repertoire. Website graphic art are energetic representations of the 12 signs and the LISTEN concept, by Debra Cortese.

Artwork for the 12 signs was created by Sally Smith, who you may know as Green Stargazer from the Planet Waves blog. Contributing artists are all accessible via our artist page, linked on the right side of the LISTEN page frame.

In many ways LISTEN is an astrological dreamscape — there is an astounding amount of personally relevant astrology in this edition, starting with readings that I’m able to do — I don’t really know how — that are structured by sign and yet work out to be personal, relevant and immediate. The readings are presented in two formats, written and audio; the audio portion is in two segments per sign.

As I recorded them, they seemed often to come out as two distinct works. So, there are really three readings per sign. I highly recommend that you read both your Sun and rising sign for a complete picture of your astrology. I have included images of the charts I used to create the readings, which are at the bottom of each of the sign pages.

In addition, we have a diversity of articles by some of the leading minds in the field, or at least some of my favorite astrologers, and numerologist Christine DeLorey (her piece will be added this week). There are astrological resources as well.

This annual edition would not have happened without Sarah Bissonnette-Adler coordinating the whole project and designing both the website’s look as well as the promo materials; Chelsea Bottinelli and Ali Gruber handling customer service; Anatoly Ryzhenko handling the technical end of programming of the website; and our editing team, Jessica Keet, Amanda Painter and Susan Scheck making sure the text is as clean and readable as it can be.

My astrology work is facilitated by Tracy Delaney, author of the Serennu.com website, where I get my information about minor planets. All of the minor planet charts you see were cast on the Serennu site.

With that all said, welcome to LISTEN, the 2013 annual edition of Planet Waves.



PS: You will notice at the bottom (not the top) of each page that we’re offering a package of the past three annual editions — Reality Check, Light Bridge and Cosmic Confidential. This is because they are still relevant. I write these things to have a long life — sometimes looking five or more years into the future. If you find my form of astrology analysis helpful, I suggest you go back through past editions and see what I came up with in those three years.

PPS, if you’re curious about what the chart for the completion of the project looks like, here it is:


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  1. b.sterling says:

    Dear Eric,
    You are brilliant. I’ve been reading and listening ever since the 2013 Annual Edition came out, and I am completely blown away. Everything lines up. Relationships, career, my relationship to myself. The way you read charts and your ability to explain it is beyond anything, ever.
    Thank you, a million times!

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