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Open Access to 2013 Astrology Readings This Week

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today we removed the passwords to LISTEN, the 2013 annual edition. Through Sunday, December 15, you may access your readings down the margin to the right. You will see the individual signs listed just under the words “Navigate Signs.”

Based on how Eric does this kind of detailed astrology, we recommend that you check out the reading for your rising sign and your Moon sign in addition to your Sun sign. If you don’t know your Moon and rising signs, you may look them up through a free chart service (we recommend Or, you may email me your date, time and place of birth and I’ll look them up for you

If you’re new to Eric’s annual editions, this is a great introduction to his most popular in-depth readings. The feedback from this year’s readings show how personally relevant, informative, and affirming these reports are:

“This a comprehensive and expansive interpretation which I would highly recommend.”

“Eric — I should be used to your brilliant horoscopes by now. But don’t think it can get any better than this. Haven’t got to the listening part yet — but was so bowled over by the written part that I had to stop and thank you. I kept taking out pieces to copy and paste, but gave up in the end — there were so many!”

“It never fails to amaze me how an analysis meant roughly for one twelfth of the population of the earth jives so closely with my personal experience and my personal astrology.”

“Eric, I have relied on your annuals for several years to help me navigate these intense transits. Your interpretations are spot on and I can feel the truth resonate as I read my sign interpretation. I have successfully been able to create change in my professional life rather than wait for it to happen to me. I’ve enjoyed being able to express creativity and vision at a time where most would say my profession (teaching) offers few opportunities for either.”

Eric’s annual editions (a sixteen-year tradition!) have become some of the best-loved astrology readings we offer, and they happen to be my personal favorite.

So what are you waiting for? Access your 2013 astrology readings as our gift.

And when you’re done reading and listening, you may pre-order your 2014 astrology (called The Mars Effect) for a special price of $19.95 per sign(a $10 savings!). On Wednesday, Dec. 18, the price will go up to $29.95 per sign.


Chelsea Bottinelli

PS — Planet Waves members receive special discounts on all of Eric’s readings, including a package deal for all twelve signs of The Mars Effect. If you don’t currently receive our twice-weekly email service, you may sign up for a free one-month trial membership here.

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Welcome to LISTEN, our 2013 Annual Edition

This is a short audio presentation that explains how I did the readings, as well as the house systems that I used to do them.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today we’ve published LISTEN, the 2013 annual edition of Planet Waves. Check your email records for your login information. If you cannot find it, write to and Chelsea or Ali will help you. If you would like to purchase access to the readings, please use this link. If you would like to get all 12 signs at the discounted price, you can subscribe by writing to

Image by Debra Cortese.

Image by Debra Cortese.

Personally I am looking forward to the relative optimism of a year that does not end with a long-predicted ‘end of the world’ type scenario, anticipation of mass cataclysm, mass enlightenment or some other looming specter. Speaking as a Pisces Sun with Cancer rising, I’m also looking forward to a year where the emphasis is on the water signs, more than any other time in the past decade or more.

This year’s annual edition, our 14th by the way, took seven months of research, recording, writing, design and development. There are audio and written readings for all 12 Sun signs and rising signs — and lots of other articles and resources. This year’s annual also includes music by composer Renee Blue O’Connell, who provided a theme for each of the zodiac signs from her repertoire. Website graphic art are energetic representations of the 12 signs and the LISTEN concept, by Debra Cortese.

Artwork for the 12 signs was created by Sally Smith, who you may know as Green Stargazer from the Planet Waves blog. Contributing artists are all accessible via our artist page, linked on the right side of the LISTEN page frame.

In many ways LISTEN is an astrological dreamscape — there is an astounding amount of personally relevant astrology in this edition, starting with readings that I’m able to do — I don’t really know how — that are structured by sign and yet work out to be personal, relevant and immediate. The readings are presented in two formats, written and audio; the audio portion is in two segments per sign.


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Introducing the 2013 Annual Edition of Planet Waves

Here is an audio introduction to LISTEN.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Is anyone listening?

That does seem to be the question these days. Do you feel like anyone can even hear you? With 600 cable channels, many of us getting 100 emails a day, plus text messages, cell calls, and Facebook and Twitter breezing by, how exactly is it possible for anyone to focus their attention?

Illustration by Debra Cortese.

Illustration by Debra Cortese.

How do you know someone understands what you mean?

Considered another way, can you hear the messages that you’re sending yourself? Are you and the people closest to you willing to hear one another, and use what you learn?

In this year’s annual edition of Planet Waves — called Listen — we will take up these questions.

Listening is a form of receiving. It’s essential to living safely, and living in tune with your environment. Yet listening is as much about giving as it is receiving: the listener gives his or her attention. It’s a subtle act of devotion.

Once you are tuned in and hearing the messages that are coming to you, you will be able to guide your life toward more creative adventures and satisfying intimacy.

I’m Listening to Your Astrology

I’ve been listening carefully to your astrology, and I’m faithfully transcribing the messages that I’m receiving for each of the signs and rising signs. I tune in to the major planets, the centaurs and the Pluto-like planets, though mainly I’m listening to the intelligence that orchestrates their movements.

In the last month of 2012, we cross over the end of the 13th baktun of the Mayan calendar, and enter a new era of human history. What will we do with this opportunity? We need guidance as we go through this transition, most of which will come from having open ears and a focused mind.


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