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Planet Waves Publishing Schedule, Fall 2011

We are a subscription website that offers many free features, including daily astrology and weekly audio programming. Planet Waves is supported exclusively by our subscribers -- we are advertising-free. All times stated Eastern Time. All articles appear on PlanetWaves.net

Planet Waves
Planet Waves -- by Eric Francis (Tuesday and Friday, subscribers only)
The only place to read Eric's world-renowned weekly and monthly horoscopes -- respected for their psychological insight and uncanny accuracy. Subscriptions include Eric's clear, easy-to-follow articles on astrology, relationships and sexuality. Our subscribers say they swear by Eric's writing because it helps them make sense of the world. Have it sent to directly to your inbox twice a week, and enjoy many other benefits of site membership. Subscribe here.
Eric also offers prepared audio and written readings that have worked very well for our clients. Find out more in the Planet Waves Store.

Planet Waves
Daily Astrology – by Eric Francis and friends, weekdays at Midnight
Amanda Painter, Eric Francis and a diversity of other writers tag team this missive into the daily planets. Our aim is to write useful, accessible, practical interpretations to help you ease your way, map out your territory and understand yourself. All articles are "By Planet Waves" -- and all are collaborations, to a greater or lesser degree. We'll leave it to you to figure out who's writing.

Planet Waves
Photo of the Day – Posted with Daily Astrology & then Randomly
We are kind of obsessed with photography at Planet Waves and have many friends around the world who can take a hot photo. Each morning's daily astrology comes with a new picture, and we post others here and there.

Planet Waves
Daily Oracle – by Eric Francis seven days a week, at 7:00 am
A random selection of one of Eric's horoscopes is presented each morning. Speaking in the voice of synchronicity, the Daily Oracle offers a startlingly apt message for the day, framed by a window into the past. The Oracle is a research tool and game to which our subscribers get full access.

Planet Waves
Astrology with Len Wallick - Mondays and Thursdays at Noon
Len is an astrologer and teacher of the I Ching. His discussions about the current astrology and the minor planets always offer a centered, grounded view of working within ourselves, so we can engage with the greater whole.

Planet Waves
Planet Waves FM -- with Eric Francis – Wednesdays at 5 pm
Eric's one-hour weekly audio program has been one of our most popular features since its inception. It's almost like sitting down to an intimate conversation as he applies astrology to current events and issues of personal growth and relationships. Podcasts often feature interviews with guests.

Planet Waves
Breaking News Updates -- by Eric Francis
When unusual news breaks, check Planet Waves for the details and analysis of the astrology. Eric, the only investigative reporter-astrologer, contextualizes events in current culture, history and related astrological events, with psychological insight and sensitivity to our readers' needs in moments of chaos.

Planet Waves
Reading Tarot by Sarah Taylor – Wednesdays and Sundays at 2 pm
Wednesday articles cover general topics on how to read Tarot, or delineate cards from the Major or Minor Arcana. Sunday installments are a three-card reading for the weekend -- a ‘Tarot horoscope' readers find uncanny. We also include our own online tarot generator if you don't have cards.

Planet Waves
Political Waves by Judith Gayle – Saturdays at 7 am
Published on Planet Waves since 2004, Judith Gayle blends her political observations with ideas from A Course in Miracles. It's the kind of holistic analysis and questioning of world events that we never see in mainstream media, but which the world desperately needs.

Planet Waves
Poly Paradise with Maria Padhila – Saturdays at 2 pm
Maria writes an in-depth weekly essay on alternate relationship lifestyles. She draws on her own experiences, interviews with those on the alt-relationship vanguard, and looks beneath pop-culture red herrings to probe the real stories about sex and relationships.

Planet Waves
Fe 911 with Fe Bongolan – occasionally
An experienced political observer, Fe brings her inner-goddess fire and West Coast perspective to some of society's stickiest and trickiest issues -- but she's no New Age softie. Fe calls it as she sees it, pulls no punches, and never leaves you in doubt that she loves humanity like a mother bear.

Planet Waves
Enceno Macy -- occasionally
Our correspondent inside the American prison system sends in his reports about living life when it's not entirely your own. What does America look like from that perspective? And how do you get a clear view of yourself, for that matter? Enceno regularly stops us in our tracks with his thoughts.

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