Dear Friends, Far and Near:


If you've been visiting Planet Waves for a while, you know that we offer a subscription service that delivers my weekly horoscope and lots of other personal astrology information. It's called Planet Waves Weekly, and to put it modestly, our readers love it. Twice a week, you get horoscopes and other original astrology content unavailable anywhere else.

We are, however, growing at Planet Waves. I wanted to create a space where people could meet and get to know one another. We have some intelligent and lovely readers at Planet Waves. And a space where I could try out new creative projects, including audio and photography.

This page is here to introduce Eros, new section of Planet Waves. Eros takes you a dimension beyond, with audio, a community space with discussion area and forum, a divination oracle, thousands of archived horoscopes, and other features described below. It's a whole new way to experience the Planet Waves you know and love.

Eros subscribers also receive a subscription to Planet Waves Weekly and access to the Parallel Worlds annual horoscope area, as well as the 2007 annual edition. Read the rest of this this link to see what else we have to offer -- lots of fun stuff. Or to sign up, just use this link.

Thanks for visiting! Please sign up soon -- you'll be glad you did.

Yours and truly,


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