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Mission Statement & Editorial Policy

Planet Waves is dedicated to providing a reliable source of information and perspectives about human affairs, particularly in the areas of astrology, relationships, sexuality and the global environment. Our internet pages and listservers are operated on a noncommercial basis, and intended for readers of all ages. (To subscribe to our main list, send email to

Our basic position can be stated thus: There is really no division between the "personal" and the "political." Further, holding political views and working for social change are meaningless activities without a corresponding inner search on the soul level. This is why we provide information on a wide variety of public and private themes.

Planet Waves is a fully independent project working in cooperation with a number of other organizations, writers and web pages. Newspapers, magazines and internet locations publish and reprint some of our materials, but have no direct influence over what we publish. Anyone interested in obtaining syndication or other publication rights, or contracting new work with one of our writers, may contact To read published letters, go to this link.

If you know of a daily, weekly or monthly publication in your area that might be interested in running the Planet Waves column, please contact us; we rely exclusively on word-of-mouth promotion in this area of our work.

While our writers often assert themselves with enthusiasm, and, at times, conviction, we do not intend to provide a "definitive" viewpoint on any subject. The discussions on this page -- while they may indeed seem unusual or off-center -- are merely starting points for in-depth inquiry into what we feel are some of the more important, and overlooked, subjects and themes of life. In holding this understanding, we provide as many links to other internet locations speaking on similar subjects as possible. These are located throughout the sites. The Chirotica link provides a basic recommended reading list in the field of metaphysical sciences.

Reader feedback is welcomed and encouraged. We take reader comments seriously, and any remotely sane views are given careful consideration. Comments may be sent to any of the Planet Waves email address listed on the site. Due to the large amount of mail we receive, not all posts can be answered personally. Comments become the property of Planet Waves, and may be posted, unless the writer specifically requests either confidentiality or non-publication, which we will respect.

We welcome submissions by writers, particularly previously unpublished writers, and would love to see your submissions of digital artwork, photography or scanned paintings for possible use on our sites.

Eric Francis is a member of the National Writer's Union UAW\AFL-CIO, affiliated with the National Union of Journalists in the UK.

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