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Dear Planet Waves Reader:

Each email you receive from Planet Waves includes everything you need to get around Planet Waves, right at the top. If you'll give me about two minutes of your attention, I will show you the features we have up there and you will suddenly decide it's a snap getting around Planet Waves.

There's one thing you have to take care of: write down the product key (login and password) for the member archives on a sticky note and stick them to your computer. We have different product keys for different areas. That's just how it is. We're between $5,000 and $15,000 worth of programming away from individual customer accounts with personal passwords. Large and small donations are welcome! Till then, you will need to take that extra step and know the passwords to our different content areas. Since we only have one premium area, and a few one-time readings, this is pretty easy. If we add a couple of others, it will still be easier than health care reform.

Planet Waves
First feature -- Sign up for Planet Waves. That's a sales page for people who are non-subscribers who end up with this page in their possession. If you forward Planet Waves to your friends, tell them about it and remember -- we fund this service on subscriptions. If you're going to send editions to your friends, please send occasionally -- not regularly, and thanks for reminding them to subscribe if they like what they read.

Chelsea's phone number is next. We offer real customer service. Not a lot of websites can say that, but we aspire to be more to you than just a website. You can pick up the phone, call a real live person, and even get to know her. If you have a question, take a minute and say hello. We like getting phone calls.

Next, we have a link to our daily blog. The blog actually moves more than daily, and there are some great features. It's worth visiting just for the daily oracle, or for Len Wallick's take on the planets. There is always something interesting going on at Daily Astrology & Adventure, and if big news breaks, you will find the astrology covered there first.

We also have a Monthly Horoscope link, which will take you to the current monthly horoscope, no need for a password. This year, the monthly horoscopes each link to the prior monthly horoscope. Isn't that useful? The monthly horoscope archive is part of the general archive -- see next paragraph.

The View as Webpage | Prior Issue line is helpful. You can get the web edition of the current issue. If you see an annoying typo in the email edition, click Current Issue and it will probably be gone in the web edition. You can browse back through web versions Friday editions for years (without needing a password, at this time) by clicking Prior Issue.

Last, at the top of all of our new pages is a line that tells you what list you are reading, and link directly into the Planet Waves member archive.

It's all right there. Give it a try and see how it works! Specific suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis
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