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Reader Comments on Kingston Times article, by Trish

Trish August 1, 2018 at 4:26 pm

I’ve been reading Eric’s Planet Waves astrology column for many years. Over the duration, his readership has come to know that he is a sexual man who takes inspiration from his sensual encounters and elevates them to an art form. His approach to erotica is refreshing, unique and expressive of his highly creative personality. I’ve always appreciated his open mindedness, his personal candor.

As a female, I rather liked having a reference point for being allowed to understand the male sexual experience from someone who is sensitive to both genders in equal measure. As much as the climate of the #metoo movement is to corral the sexual experience into sterile airtight packages approved by the committee, Eric presents very much as a maverick to be sure.

Eric was not hyper-critical of the #me-too movement in questioning its aggressive stance on demonizing men who may be merely flirting. Pandering to the #metoo movement at the expense of logical deduction is not something Eric did either. I believe he approached the subject matter in a balanced and sober way.

Let’s be fair but let’s also be honest. Women are not children. Beyond the age of consent, openness to the possibility of sex is implied in agreeing to a date – even if the net result is not mutually enjoyed. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect personal sexual gratification to be subject to one set of constraints initiated by females exclusively. I don’t believe Eric coerced anybody into doing anything.

Sexual approaches initiated by either Eric or his potential partners are simply just that. Coloring these approaches with a predatory wash on Eric’s part is frankly unfair. Women who consent to dates with men are to expect some degree of sexual flirting and innuendo if attraction is to be reflexively built.

It’s a basic premise of the sexual encounter in which responsiveness is measured. There are no guarantees that each sexual encounter will produce enrichment or pleasure for both parties but crying #metoo doesn’t change the equation, nor should it. Eric is a gifted writer and astrologer. It is truly surprising and a bit alarming that he is being gratuitously herded into a category of the most unsavory sort. He doesn’t deserve it. Spend some time with the body of his writings and you’ll reach the same conclusion.

('Truth' is a comment that Trish is replying to)

Trish August 2, 2018 at 11:25 am

Truth, Eric wasn’t charged with anything. If these accusers really believed he had harmed them criminally then why didn’t they go to law enforcement with their accusations and initiate due process?

Flirting is not illegal. Sex between consenting adults is not illegal. Fictional erotica is not illegal. Mentoring is not illegal. Personality is not illegal. You cannot defame someone’s character based on what you personally find inappropriate.

Some people find sex outside of marriage inappropriate. Some would argue taking nude photographs is inappropriate. Some people consider going to the express check out with more than 12 items inappropriate.

You cannot start a slander campaign based what you dislike about Eric. You can go to the law and report it or handle it like an adult and talk to him personally. I understand where you’re coming from but I’m also not seeing harmful intent in Eric’s behavior. There has to be a distinction or lives, careers and reputations are ruined for unsubstantiated reasons.

Put yourself in Eric’s shoes. He is the proprietor of his business and worked hard to build his brand and success. That an employee or contractor charges him with lewd behavior and screams it from the treetops does not make it so just because she says so. Remember, those that worked with him were versed on his content and methods.

The Book of Blue editor was to expect some creative license while editing a proprietary erotic work that is deeply personal in its presentation. I’m familiar with the content of Book of Blue and the pictures he sent the editor were consistent with the theme of his work. How SHE chooses to construe his work suddenly gives her license to appropriate it under her specific sensibility?

Under what authority and with what permission? See? Suddenly Eric is a giant pervert in the eyes of the world because a nameless, faceless person says so who he trusted to edit HIS work. You can’t suck and blow at the same time. If she didn’t want to see pictures of Eric masturbating, then she should have said so before committing to the job and can’t suddenly turn the situation into something it wasn’t in the eyes of the public just because she decides to be offended or disgruntled.

Eric is not running a corporate glass tower machine. Anyone that is familiar with his work knows that he attracts and values empathic, polyamorous relationships.

He’s a writer and an artist trying to make a living in a familial and friendly environment and has the right to consider himself integral to a community ethos he built. #Metoo is trying to force him to define himself by their rules and tomes and has assumed authority over his public image without a legitimate cause or right to do so. Time and ago workplace relationships were not taboo or subject to #metoo parameters.

If anyone was disgruntled in a situation, be it workplace or connected to the workplace, they just worked it out by communicating with each other. Under this modern and dangerous climate of potential accusation, women hold the kind of power to define and assume excessive authority over men that supercedes even the law. This is just plain wrong and frankly indecent.

Trish August 2, 2018 at 1:29 pm

No, shame on you for using the #metoo platform to endorse what to me amounts to epically childish behavior. #Metoo will discredit itself for becoming a platform for public tantrums and defamation. And I repeat, women are not children. They need to take responsibility for their part in the equation. You cannot agree to be mentored by a world famous astrologer and then scream #metoo when he makes business decisions that are not aligned with your expectations of him.

You cannot agree to work for an openly polyamorous erotic artist and photographer and then judge and defame him when he lives his principle respectfully. You cannot agree to go on a date with this man hiking in the woods, admit the sex was consensual and then cry #metoo when you for your own personal reasons regret doing it.

By your obtuse logic Eric should become a monk who doesn’t pursue any relationships, polyamorous or otherwise, doesn’t mentor astrology students or demonstrate his formidable talent, doesn’t produce erotic literature and photography and doesn’t have a voice because of your insistence that all these things somehow make him a patriarchal pariah.

Your position on this sounds utterly ridiculous to me. Are you even familiar with his work at all??? And I repeat, he isn’t charged with anything. The inquiry found nothing of note to remark on. I don’t think the fact that I’m able to see the truth is something that I should be ashamed of. Think before you speak and know of whom you speak for.

Trish August 2, 2018 at 4:27 pm

@ MeToo: Uh-huh…so if I rounded up all your past lovers, exes, flirts, co-workers, neighbors, etc. and asked them to do their worst in a smear campaign about you and wrapped it all up with a sloppy bow called #ustoo and threw it out there without due process, proof or fair consideration…you would just be okay with that and say “Multiple accusations going back many years speaks for itself.” ??? What if they all publicly and loudly labeled you ignorant, self-righteous, judgmental, hypocritical, presumptive and generally a very bad person. Despite whatever you believe #metoo to be, it isn’t a free pass to subject people to the court of public opinion. I want you to think about that a minute.

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