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Introducing the 2013 Annual Edition of Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

Is anyone listening?

That does seem to be the question these days. Do you feel like anyone can even hear you? With 600 cable channels, many of us getting 100 emails a day, plus text messages, cell calls, and Facebook and Twitter breezing by, how exactly is it possible for anyone to focus their attention?

Planet Waves
Illustration by Debra Cortese.
How do you know someone understands what you mean?

Considered another way, can you hear the messages that you're sending yourself? Are you and the people closest to you willing to hear one another, and use what you learn?

In this year's annual edition of Planet Waves -- called Listen -- we will take up these questions.

Listening is a form of receiving. It's essential to living safely, and living in tune with your environment. Yet listening is as much about giving as it is receiving: the listener gives his or her attention. It's a subtle act of devotion.

Once you are tuned in and hearing the messages that are coming to you, you will be able to guide your life toward more creative adventures and satisfying intimacy.

I'm Listening to Your Astrology

I've been listening carefully to your astrology, and I'm faithfully transcribing the messages that I'm receiving for each of the signs and rising signs. I tune in to the major planets, the centaurs and the Pluto-like planets, though mainly I'm listening to the intelligence that orchestrates their movements.

In the last month of 2012, we cross over the end of the 13th baktun of the Mayan calendar, and enter a new era of human history. What will we do with this opportunity? We need guidance as we go through this transition, most of which will come from having open ears and a focused mind.

Planet Waves
Sample of one of the hand-drawn charts I'm using to create Listen: The 2013 Annual Edition of Planet Waves.
The coming 12 months take us deeper into the Uranus-Pluto square, which will continue to stir up adventure, change and chaos. Chiron and Neptune proceed deeper into Pisces, offering some of the most reflective astrology in several generations. All of this is saying: slow down and listen -- especially to yourself.

Your annual reading will be presented as a mix of written interpretation and audio, providing you with a detailed analysis, information about timing, and practical ideas. Mostly, I will provide for you a quiet, peaceful place to consider the course of your own life -- and point out some options for you to consider.

These readings are designed to provide information -- and motivation to carry on in the most creative way, no matter what challenges you may face, whatever the state of the world may be.

My spoken-word forecasts will be accompanied by musical selections from Renee Blue O'Connell, a classical composer, performer and vocalist who went deaf, then learned how to hear again. My written word analysis will include artwork by Debra Cortese and other talented Planet Waves artists. (View sample presentation here.)

In addition, we'll be offering ideas about listening in articles by a host of talented writers, including astrologers, therapists, musicians and artists, who will share their thoughts and reflections. And this edition will feature a Listening Library of audio files contributed by Planet Waves readers from around the world [stay tuned for information about how to contribute to that]. I also plan to include an extended interview with my dad, Prof. Joe Coppolino, who teaches a course on listening that helped inspire the theme for this annual edition.

This is the 14th annual edition of Planet Waves, following up on Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. -- our bestselling 2012 annual edition. The Planet Waves annual has become an Internet tradition, combining my carefully crafted, elegantly presented personal astrology interpretations with a document of the times in which we're living.

Advance Ordering Information

Planet Waves
As a Planet Waves subscriber or purchaser of last year's annual edition, you're invited to sign up for Listen: The 2013 Annual Edition at the introductory price of $59 for all 12 signs and rising signs, including both the written and audio interpretations. (There is no price increase over last year.)

This will give you access to all the readings, as well as to the articles, additional audio features and resources. The written materials will be in a format that works on both computers and portable devices. You may download the recordings or play them as many times as you like.

You may pre-order Listen here. Once you purchase, please save your confirmation email in a safe place (such as under your pillow)! We will let you know when Listen: The 2013 Annual Edition is ready. You may order by phone by calling (877) 453-8265, or (206) 567-4455 from outside the U.S. (You may need to leave a message -- Chelsea will get back to you.)

When the price goes to full retail, the signs will be $19.95 each. We've found that most of our clients want access to their Sun, Moon and rising sign, and at least the Sun sign of their significant other(s). Pre-ordering gives you access to the whole presentation when it publishes, which is planned for the first week in January.

Thank you for your business, and for taking advantage of the work that we do. Thank you for joining us on our publishing adventure.

It is, as ever, a pleasure to serve as your astrologer.


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