Planet Waves | Making an Issue Out of Sex



Making an Issue Out of Sex

A Planet Waves Special Edition
from November 2000

Introduction | By Eric Francis

One Love | By Eleanor McKenzie

On Being a Whore | By Shakra

What is Tantra? | By Roberta Skye

Genexhibitionist | By Maya Dexter: her review
of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio

Excerpt from Cunt | By Inga Muscio

What's the Deal with RU-486? | By M.E. Green

A Word from Our Lord | By God

In Bed with the Supreme Court | By Eric & Steve

Myths & Realities About Sex Work
and Sex Workers
| By Tia R. Keenan

Love | By William Pennell Rock
from the Journal of Humanistic Psychology

A Sacrament of Self | By Eric Francis


Writers whose work was not published in this edition
will appear in an upcoming edition of Planet Waves.

Thank you to all the contributors for your brave and
heart-felt work.

Photo above, "Neal's Reflection," by Neal McDonough | Luscious Photo

A Sex Glossary

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