Where Does Your Energy Flow?

By Eric Francis

Sign art by Liz Webb.

Sign art by Liz Webb.

Saturn is in your sign for most of the year. That is setting up a situation where your energy will flow in the direction of denial or getting lost in fantasy, into obsessing over changing your way of thinking, or into bold creative exploration and sexual healing through direct experience. If you choose the third option, the energy you release will feed your highest ambitions and professional goals.

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This year your charts are a study in the flow of energy. You could say that’s what astrology is about in total — reading a chart is reading the ways that the different forces within the personality and the soul interact, and that is about the flow of psychic material, relationships and other events: the flow of energy.

Yet your charts illustrate this as a specific theme, which begins with Saturn in your birth sign. Saturn’s journey through Scorpio spans from late 2012 through late 2015. Saturn returns to your sign for two to three years out of every 29. So it’s a relatively rare occurrence, and it brings opportunities and what some call lessons that are most easily taken advantage of during the transit.

Image by RAEchel Running.

Image by RAEchel Running.

Saturn in Scorpio would seem to be a contradiction — we have a planet associated with things going slower, and boundaries, and structure, taking up residence in a fixed sign of the zodiac. Those with Scorpio in their sign are already deliberative and reserved. You don’t need any extra help with that, and Saturn in its incarnation as the ruler of a fixed sign (Aquarius) may seem to be putting the brakes on certain of your plans, or your ability to express yourself.

But Saturn also rules a cardinal sign, Capricorn. The cardinal signs are about initiative, progress and taking action. In its expression as the ruler of a cardinal sign, Saturn is an agent of change and innovation. It is often the necessary ingredient required to get anything done on our planet, and usually the one that’s left out: the ability to focus one’s plans, to utilize time in a constructive way, and to fulfill commitments.

Saturn, when we cooperate with it, adds the ingredient of maturity, another seeming magic ingredient that is left out of most equations in the current version of Western society. It adds the discipline factor, that other bit of mystery that seems to elude us like a unicorn these days.

Yet taken as a shadow influence, Saturn can be a showdown with authority, with negative inertia or with boredom. You have the choice which aspect you emphasize, though to go from the shadowy side of Saturn to the constructive one may require not just crossing a bridge but building one. Maturity requires cultivating maturity, and that can seem to go slowly at first; building discipline requires the mental framework of discipline. So we have a situation just like a bridge — in order to build one, it’s easier if it’s there first.

You may, therefore, have to bootstrap yourself upward. Build the first pier of the bridge. Build a second one. Then run a single cable between them. Then at least you have made some upward progress and a connection that you can use to ferry supplies between the two construction projects, gradually morphing them into one.

Two No’s Don’t Make a Yes

Since most people experience Saturn as a resistance factor, I would point out that in the current version of Western Civ, the concept of No is all the rage. No, of course, to everything except McDonald’s or a BMW or whatever the marketing gurus are purveying, which requires the use of a credit or debit card.

The more you say No to yourself, the more you swipe the card, or reduce everything to some form of commercial transaction; and the more you’re in that mindset, which is that of shopping.

But No does not make progress. You could not drive across the country or across town using just the brakes. You might try to, on the theory that you could always drive downhill the whole way, but that will not work for long. So we have a lot of people in our society stuck in a valley applying the brakes trying to get somewhere, wondering why they are not.

I see a lot of people thinking that if they say No often enough, something positive will come out of it. It is, after all, the safe route — if you say No, you don’t take whatever risk would be implied in saying Yes. But the human experience requires Yes for anything to happen.

If Saturn in your sign is exacerbating any of the shadowy tendencies of Scorpio for you, such as jealousy or control, I suggest you count that as a form of No. Any form of resistance or envy would be a form of No.

Yes is affirming, allowing, embracing and usually happy. Yes comes with movement and a sense of freedom. Yes brings the reward of the power of choice, and then the experience of the person or thing chosen. I believe there are relatively few people who possess a clear Yes and a clear No.

When there are both Yes and No present, the result is another form of paralysis. There used to be a word for this, popular in the 1970s, when more people talked to psychiatrists — the word was neurosis.

So what I suggest, if you’ve been experiencing Saturn as a restrictive force, is to practice saying Yes: to yourself, and to what you recognize you truly want. Save No for what you know you don’t want. There is another concept, Maybe, which means you’re considering matters and have yet to make up your mind. Think of Maybe as the ‘hold’ button flashing on a phone. Your further response is pending.

If I had to apply a suggestion that addressed all of your astrology for the year in one statement, it would be: get clear about your Yes, your No and your Maybe. They are your most valuable assets. Do not contaminate them by saying one when you really mean the other.

Saturn will make sure this is a deliberative and deliberate process. You have enough slow-down energy to make sure you won’t run off the rails — that is, if you are paying attention. Let’s consider some scenarios wherein Saturn seems to be creating a blockage of some kind, and see where the energy might flow instead. Currently I have three of them, applying rules that any astrologer could understand (and that I will do my best to explain).

Under Scenario 1, Saturn is having its influence on you, and you’re not sure you can make the necessary changes. But you can think about them. Mars, the traditional ruler of your sign (and the main significator for you), is currently in Libra, where it’s making an eight-month visit (from early December 2013 through late July 2014).

Libra is your 12th solar house if you’re Scorpio Sun and your 12th house by whole sign houses if you’re Scorpio rising. The 12th is the most mysterious house of the lot. It is the house of lavish imagination, deep and realistic fantasies and existential fears. It’s to get lost in all those images, possibilities and at times, a shadow world of fear.

It’s a strange place, following the rules of dreams (each dream has its own rules, which might include roller skating purple cats or yellow trees growing downward from the sky). The 12th has certain other properties besides its own dream logic, which include a circular property — the sensation of going nowhere.

If you are feeling Saturn in your sign as a restriction, then you will probably default to Mars in Libra — that is, you will be likely to retreat to your imagination. In the 12th house you don’t have to take action. It’s a world of its own, requiring only your awareness to exist.

The 12th house has another property — what ends up there can seem to have gone missing. In this case, that could be the sensation of your having gone missing from your own life; the feeling that you cannot quite make sufficient contact with reality to get any traction, or to shape or direct your life in the physical world.

The jump from Saturn in Scorpio to Mars in Libra is an easy one to make; you might think of it as the default position. Challenged with too much reality, the ‘solution’ is to retreat into a world of dreams and phantasy. This can seem abundantly real; you might be making plans for the future or considering the possibilities in these scenarios. The 12th provides a state of mind wherein you don’t have to bother with the real challenges of growth or of relationship. You don’t have to study or analyze the dream. It’s compelling on its own. You can just hang out there and swim around in your desires and your fears.

One factor making the pull of this default position especially strong is that, according to the rules of traditional astrology, Saturn is well-dignified in Libra and Mars is well-dignified in Scorpio. That creates a kind of mutual attachment; the two transits work as one process, and that might seem as creative as a hostage situation.

It could manifest as being stuck in any form of, “I will really start living when [I have a good relationship / I move to Hawaii / my kids grow up / etc.].” If you’ve been in any such thought pattern over a period of years, you can count that as stuck in a fantasy.

One last thing about the 12th: denial is a core theme. I suggest you scan your life for any and all examples of denial that you can identify and hopefully address directly.

More Creative Possibilities

Let’s consider some other possibilities.

Under Scenario 2, we could consider Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio. That works pretty well — Pluto is an excellent representative of Scorpio at its most powerful. Pluto is currently trekking its way across Capricorn, a story that spans from 2008 to 2026 and is at its peak right now.

Capricorn is your 3rd house — the house of thoughts, ideas and communications. If you are experiencing Saturn in Scorpio as the sensation of needing to change, you might determine that the thing that needs to change is your thinking. One’s thought patterns are a potent influence in the overall experience of reality — the basis of the adage, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Pluto in Capricorn is about a deep, penetrating and gradual change in your thought process. This is a real thing. Every now and then you arrive at a breakthrough point, and you realize you may actually be making progress. But then you might recognize how much progress you have to go, and that could be discouraging.

The thing about the 3rd is that it’s a world of ideas. It’s a lot more tangible than the 12th, though sometimes the ideas of the 12th end up being expressed in the 3rd (such as if you’re a novelist or filmmaker). With Capricorn on this house, there’s a tangible, practical element to your thought process, and Pluto is focusing that and also focusing a process of gradual, steady and authentic evolution.

However, to access this process, you have to do something a little unusual. Pluto is not a ‘normal’ state of consciousness. It’s not a default position. It requires a spiritual stretch; it calls for some focus on an element of consciousness deeper than the personality.

And you will have to make that stretch consciously. It will help if you use Pluto in the 3rd as an expressive tool, such as through daily writing (journaling will do; adding to that some writing to the public will do better). Writing is a form of conscious thought, a form of documentation and a form of commitment. If you’ve written something down, you’re much less likely to deny it than if you have not.

Speaking as a writer, I can tell you that every word you write has the power to change you in a way that verbal speech does not. Writing compels you to focus your thoughts in a specific way, and then etches them back into your mind. It’s then there to read, as long as the written medium lasts and there is someone to read it.

Which leads me to another point, on which I will conclude. The words you write have the power to outlive you, and there is, no matter how well concealed, the potential that others will read them. That is why the written word is more of a commitment than what is whispered or said out loud. The presence of Pluto in your 3rd house — along with Saturn in your sign — are reminders of mortality. And those reminders may well be telling you that this is the time to live as if every day matters. You may be young and you may have time to live, but you don’t have infinite time. And while you are here and while you are gaining awareness, it’s time to recognize that time is a resource you don’t have enough of to waste or squander.

Under Scenario 3, you would follow the resonance of your water sign to fellow water sign Pisces — your 5th house. Here is where things get interesting. The 5th house takes you into the realm of experience and experiment.

It is an adventure waiting to happen; but the catch is you would have to take a risk. Pisces has a natural resonance with Scorpio; Pisces is the ocean that refuses no river. You are fortunate indeed to have Pisces as your 5th house, because it’s a gentle lure of creativity, of passion and of the imagination.

When you add this to the idea of the 5th house — creative risk-taking, pleasure and direct experience — you get something special: a space in your life where you can have the kinds of fun that many people never even dream of. Of the ones who do, most are artists, creative lovers, musicians and poets.

It happens that there are planets in your 5th house right now — Chiron and Neptune among them. That is a direct invitation. On one level these planets are stoking your creativity and your imagination. But Chiron in particular is shifting the focus of healing into your 5th house. It’s an irresistible force that is drawing you in all the time.

Neptune is right there in the 5th house as well, in Pisces. This is stoking your imagination and feeding plenty of fresh water into your creative zone. Neptune is giving Chiron plenty to work with.

There is additionally a third factor in Pisces, which is Borasisi. Among the properties of this slow-moving outer planet, located a shade beyond Pluto, is providing the ‘believe it into existence’ factor. These planets are giving substance and form to your most creative house.

Here is the thing: Unlike the slip-on-it quality of following Mars into Libra/12th or following Pluto into the obsessively ‘must get it right’ quality of Capricorn/3rd, you must consciously make the choice and take the risk to get into Pisces/5th. It’s a decision, and maintaining that decision calls for discipline.

The one exception to this would be Chiron manifesting in its incarnation of the initiator of the healing crisis. One role Chiron plays is the shortstop of personal growth. When you have avoided something over and over, Chiron will ultimately intervene. The initial promptings may have come from many sources including Chiron, but Chiron’s role is to make sure that the healing happens, that the work gets done.

So, for some this transit will manifest as creative and sexual opportunity. For others it will be a last resort for corresponding modes of healing. In either case, the necessary element is experience. That is to say, direct, unprecedented and most of all daring experience that takes you out of the familiar and most of all, out of your head.

There are some correspondences between the 12th house (whatever sign is involved) and Pisces (whatever house is involved) but in this discussion, the main distinction is that Mars in your 12th house is an invitation to get stuck in your head, and go in circles for a year or so; Chiron in the 5th is an invitation to explore yourself and in the process, experience some profound self-discovery and healing.

Part of what needs to be healed in Western Civilization is our anti-pleasure point of view. By that I mean anti-pleasure of sex; our aversion to talking about it; our tendency to giggle about it; to turn it into gossip, and scandal, and jealousy and everything else toxic. These attitudes can calcify and when they do, there can be real problems.

One thing to consider in this process is the impression that your sexual values have made on your children, if you have any. You may decide that it’s time for a discussion, a Q&A session, a coming-out session, an apology — there is something here about your children. It’s also the time to address any lingering issues from childhood. I believe that everyone, and I do mean everyone, has something to claim from childhood, as in claim back, or to detoxify.

You could say that your 5th house Neptune/Chiron transits are inviting you to come out of denial, while your 12th house Mars transit is giving you an easy excuse to slip away, deny your reality and experience life as a mostly imagined thing. Yet seen another way, Mars is reminding you to let go of your illusions, particularly in the region where sex meets relationships.

Should you be in a relationship this year, or choose to enter one, it’s vital that your partner have an idea what you’re experiencing. You’re not merely the Scorpio sex powerhouse that all the books say you are, and that many people experience you as; rather, you are in a time of transformation, raising of awareness, expanding into your potential and deep healing — all at once.

Jupiter in the 10th House

With the space and time remaining, I would like to talk about Jupiter ingressing your 10th house. This happens in July. Jupiter has been in Cancer for some seasons, which is your solar 9th house if you’re Scorpio Sun and your 9th house by whole sign houses, if you’re Scorpio rising.

Jupiter in Cancer has been part of a grand trine and a grand cross — a grand water trine involving Saturn in Scorpio and the Pisces planets I’ve just described. It’s also been part of a grand cross, involving planets in the cardinal signs. The grand cross comes to a peak in April, around which time you may decide it’s time to expand your plans, think a lot bigger than you have been, see some long-dreamed-of faraway places and overall focus your vision for your life.

Then Jupiter changes signs. The 10th house is what’s called an angular house — one with more palpable effects than most of the others. It may be the most vital and dynamic of the houses, particularly in our achievement-driven society. So Jupiter becomes increasingly personal as this transit happens and as it develops.

This is pointing to a time of great potential for what you can achieve, your visibility, your success and if it matters to you, a touch of fame.

Yet remember that Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces — and your 5th house. This is where all of your healing and exploration is going on — all those deep creative and sexual adventures. There is an energetic connection between whatever you do with your life plans, and whatever you do with your professional life, and your ability to keep the pots hot in the 5th house.

There are many questions people have about how exactly one goes about doing what one loves; how to convey your passion into your profession. They must proceed in that order — passion into profession, and this is exactly what you have happening. Jupiter is experiencing everything that’s going on in your Pisces 5th house, collecting it, and getting ready to turn it loose on the world.

So you have a great incentive to live your healing, your creative passion and your sexuality in a bold way. These will indeed set you free in ways you could not have anticipated until they actually happen. You are becoming yourself, in part for its own sake, but mostly because there are things you want to do — things you cannot do unless you are absolutely real to yourself.

And that is exactly what’s happening.

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Scorpio chart.

Scorpio chart.

Scorpio sketch.

Scorpio sketch.

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