Sagittarius Inside Out

By Eric Francis

Sign art by Liz Webb.

Sign art by Liz Webb.

Sagittarius is considered one of the most extroverted signs of the zodiac, though the astrology is now drawing you into deep introspection. This will be true for the first half of the year, then you’re likely to experience the beginnings of a distinct outward shift and a whole new agenda. Yet take advantage of the inner pull, because this is a rare opportunity to work out the kinds of emotional material that you usually don’t have access to. These months provide a rare view into yourself, as you prepare to open up to many new adventures.

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Sagittarius is well known as one of the most bad-ass signs — the people who hesitate at nothing, who live in an undaunted way that leaves many of their friends envious. Yet few would imagine the emotional depths you’re able to reach, and few would imagine how often you go there now.

This is a time of extraordinary growth for you, and your inward calling is supporting you in that process. What you may be feeling is conflict between the outbound, freewheeling aspect of your nature, and your more recent experiences of deepening sensitivity, and making peace with that fact. You can take a deep breath and recognize that you don’t have to maintain any image of being fearless or up for anything. Any sensitive person will recognize who you are and what you need.

Image by RAEchel Running.

Image by RAEchel Running.

The message of introspection and soul-searching is coming from every angle of your chart. The most obvious locale is your own sign. For some years there has been collecting an unusual grouping of very slow-moving new discoveries, planets that address healing issues, soul-level material, ancestral karma and deep personal transformation.

The You Nobody Knows

The process of profound self-discovery is illustrated nearly anywhere we look in your solar chart. The thing to remember about self-discovery is that nobody can do it for you. Other people might assist; you may encounter others, have experiences through them, and make some discoveries that way, but ultimately, this journey is your story. The beauty is how much about yourself you are set to discover.

You can think of this as an unusual time — indeed, once in a lifetime — of doing profound inner work. You can think of it as a time when the many facets of who you are will begin to merge and integrate, and as they do, you will gather strength and liberate and recycle previously wasted energy.

While this configuration is not new, it is constantly brewing and bubbling. It’s reaching a new peak, and now planets have begun to arrive at the most salient feature in Sagittarius — the core of our galaxy. Currently in focus, as the first of these points to cross over the Galactic Core, is a point called Quaoar, which is about family patterns. So you can take everything I say in this reading and run it through that particular filter.

It’s a very, very useful one. Most of the stuff we deal with that we think is our own we have inherited directly from our immediate family and their predecessors. By most I mean most — well over half, sometimes nearly all, of the stuff that drags people down, has nothing to do with them directly. So you can be happy indeed that this issue is going to get a purge. Given that you like to keep yourself light enough to fly, you will appreciate the fact that you’re going to drop some weight, even if you have to do a little work in the process.

By work, I mainly mean facing some insecurities I am sure you would prefer not to have.

There is a theme that shows up in your charts as they relate to these ancestral matters, and it involves alcohol. There is a distinct pattern of alcohol being associated with ethical breaches or the suspension of morality, followed by some kind of boundary breach. (I am reading this in the triple conjunction of slow-movers Chariklo, Pholus and Ixion.) This grouping of themes looks like something to map out going back three generations and deduce what you can.

You may have a clue straight away what I’m getting at. Or, you may be thinking that nothing obvious is showing up — I would remind you that you’re looking for something hidden. You may not know about all the factors involved; even if one of your ancestors fits a partial profile of this confluence, make a note of that fact. Then see if you can trace the influences as they go down the generations. The main way that alcohol manifests is emotional detachment, lack of presence and lack of empathy. There does not need to be a big scene, though sometimes there is; the aloofness and distance are the things that damage children the most.

Another influence of alcohol is the sensation of being stuck. By stuck, I mean really stuck — a seeming inability to change anything of real significance, or to confront anything of true consequence, particularly where intimacy is concerned. The alcohol bubble is isolating, and it’s difficult to penetrate; it wards off closeness, and that seems to be one of its primary purposes. You could look underneath that and ask why anyone would have needed to do that.

Yet the astrology suggests this is about someone’s lack of ability to do the right thing when it really mattered, and that’s the influence I suggest you be on the lookout for. In terms of understanding how these things may have influenced you, you will need to be creative, and open to inner inspiration. I can tell you, though, that if you start asking questions, you will start getting answers, and the better the questions the more relevant the information that comes back will be.

All of this material may have nothing at all to do with your personal use of alcohol. Rather, I’m talking about emotional patterns that have been passed down through the generations. As you identify any of this material, you will be able to address it and strip down the layers and come closer to who you really are, how you feel and what you want from your life.

As you do, you will encounter what seems to be a real mystery — the mystery of who you are — and also tap into a wisdom that is deeper than all of the family material you are processing and casting off.

One crucial element here is separating out your sense of purpose from the influence of the values of people immediately around you, people with whom you’re intimately involved, or who are financial partners, or both. There is an emotional dimension even to your business relationships, and you’re susceptible to both persuasion and manipulation through that portal.

Factors will align this year that will more or less compel you to be more independent of these influences. It’s just that as they arise, and as you address them, it will help to be working with the full information that they have a history — a history that is older than you, and which you did not create, and which you now have the ability to help resolve.

The Cardinal Grand Cross: Pluto in the 2nd House

Jupiter, your ruling planet, is currently in Cancer, and in April, will be part of an unusual alignment that you’re very likely to pick up on directly. The net effect of this alignment is likely to be some form of you wanting to be free — indeed, the drive for pure, unadulterated Sagittarius-style independence.

At the root of the grand cross is Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is one sign away from your own, known as your 2nd solar house (or 2nd house by whole sign houses, if you are Capricorn rising). The 2nd house is the one that addresses one’s values and personal resources. It really is part of your sign, because it’s a direct extension of your identity.

Capricorn on this house reveals that you’re something of a traditionalist. Few people would describe Sagittarius this way, though here you have a hint about why you respect time-honored ways of doing things even if you’re helping pioneer the future and faraway places.

Pluto moving through your 2nd house is a quest for independence and autonomy. This one transit may be the driving force of your entire psyche. At the least, it represents an extended phase of growth and development wherein you are learning to cultivate and live out your values. Yet the autonomy factor of Pluto plus the 2nd is profound; you are in a time when you know you absolutely must be your own person.

This is particularly true on the financial level. One resounding, penetrating, intractable message of this transit is that you must have your own money, your own sources of money, your own bank account and total control over your finances. People underestimate the importance of this, that is, anyone who has not personally arrived at this discovery and experienced its profound impact on their life.

Lack of financial independence is practically an open invitation for other people to control your life — your parents, partner, spouse, business partner, children — anyone really. And you will go a long way to manifest the independence you seek by developing your own sources of money, and stashing some of it aside for the things you want to do, and for a rainy day.

If you think you have ‘money issues’, now is when you can get over them. As both Freud and Jung said, money issues are really unresolved issues with your parents, which then get projected into many other subsequent relationships. This will be especially applicable to you, having Capricorn, one of the most important signs associated with the family, on your 2nd house; and Cancer, the other of the most important signs associated with family, on your 8th house — the house of shared resources and partnerships (which I will come to in a moment).

Pluto is prompting you to dig out those old skeletons — your cheap relatives, the people who told you that you’d never make a dime as a musician or actor or writer — and question their values. They are NOT your values, and Pluto will assist you as a power tool to root out the many fallacies of past generations and divorce yourself of them. You do not need them. You are not your predecessors; you are a modern person with your own approach to life.

As you cultivate financial independence, you will have a more solid feeling of faith in yourself, grounded in something real. The minute you understand you can earn your money based on your own talent, you will have something else that is real, and on these things you can build.

Pluto will guide you, as gently or as brutally as necessary, to do one thing: to earn your money in a way consistent with your values. If there is one point about this transit where there is no flexibility or wiggle room, this is the one. You must live your life your way, not someone else’s way, but also not in a way that is inconsistent with your personal constitution. Yet what Pluto is also doing is providing you with the focusing power, strength and persistence to do so.

Venus retrograde solely in Capricorn, something that is so rare it has not happened since the winter of 1802-1803, is reminding you of the beauty and indeed the value of your values. It’s the promise that you actually have priorities and resources, in particular talents and other gifts you can appreciate and about which you can feel passionate.

You may be on a kind of treasure quest for those talents, values and gifts — and I assure you that if you seek them you will find them. For a clue, look to your deep past. For a clue, look to what about you may have challenged, threatened or made jealous your parents or early caregivers, and that you may have let go of in the name of seeming self-preservation. Whatever it is, it still exists and you still have access to it.

Jupiter in Cancer and the 8th House

There is a transit that is the polar opposite of this, and it’s interesting that both are happening at the same time, as one process — it’s providing you with distinct contrast. Jupiter, your ruling planet, the planet that represents you, is currently in Cancer, and it will be there when the grand fixed cross comes into full focus in mid-April.

You can think of having Cancer on the 8th house as your soft spot for others, or as a vulnerability — really it is both. It’s a point of contact that gives an opening for even the most ardently ‘don’t crowd my space’ kind of Sagittarian to share a space with others. It’s the point where family is a value dear to your heart, and also a point of access where you could be controlled by the values of other people.

Jupiter is currently in this angle of your chart, where it’s been since summer 2013. This has no doubt taken you to some new emotional depths, into some sexual intrigue, and through some dramas where you have had to make up your mind that your life is your life, no matter who you share it with. You have learned that you must have limits on your kindness, lest it be used against you. Perhaps the most profound teaching of this transit is that you can only truly share your life with those whose deepest values you share and are willing to fully uphold.

Jupiter in Cancer is approaching two additional exact oppositions to Pluto in Capricorn; one is on Jan. 31, 2014, the day that Venus stations direct in Capricorn, and the last is on April 20, 2014, right in the thick of the grand cross that happens the last week of April.

This combination of factors will help you focus and take action; it will teach you all you need to know to see the contrast you need to see. Venus stationing direct in Capricorn on Jan. 31 adds some emphasis to the theme of your values being the vital ones, the ones you actually respond to, as opposed to anyone else’s.

You may find yourself in a kind of confrontation over whose values are going to prevail. You may find yourself living between two alternate universes for a while, one that is entirely real in the context of a relationship and one that is vividly real to yourself. I can tell you how this works out: you will never, ever abide for long what you don’t agree with down to your very cells. So there is no point struggling; there is no point losing sleep.

There is one little catch: you might lose sleep if you’re in a situation where the sex is really, really good, no matter how you might feel about the person. That can be a real hook. Every human and many space aliens can empathize with that. Still, your own independence and integrity will win in the end — and it won’t be long till they do. It would be wise, therefore, to pre-qualify anyone new in your life and make sure that you actually respect what they stand for, and understand where they are coming from.

I know there are times when it seems fated that the anti-GMO leader and the Monsanto lawyer are the match made in heaven — if neither one is especially dedicated to their respective cause. But I don’t think this is in the cards for you; as time unfolds, you’re going to become more passionate about what drives you, and you will be connecting to that power as a driving force. There will not be room in your life for those who directly contradict not merely what you stand for, but what you understand and know in your soul.

The Mars Effect: Uranus in the 5th House, Mars in the 11th

While much of your astrology is pointing you inward, there is one axis of your chart that is extending you the opportunity to treat the world as an experiment. The last two legs of the grand cross are Uranus in Aries in the 5th and Mars in Libra in the 11th.

Let’s start with Uranus and conclude the grand cross with Mars. Uranus in Aries in the 5th looks like an intriguing creative and/or sexual experiment that will have many unexpected developments. It also looks like your quest to find yourself through direct experiences is as hot as it ever was, and in truth a lot hotter. There is nothing predictable about this placement, and I suggest you enjoy every minute of the adventure that you can. There are many forces for restraint, repression and fear where sex and art are concerned. You are a force for liberation.

Yet for this to happen, it must be a matter of experience. By that I mean fearless experience, open to just about anything. There is, however, a potential conflict between the commitment-related transit of Jupiter in the 8th house, which may be whispering to you the messages, “Sex is only OK if I’m married” and “Art is only OK if I’m really an artist.”

Or it could manifest as some form of “my creativity threatens my relationship.” I suggest you apply my guitar-relationship rule: I don’t socialize with anyone who acts threatened by my practicing guitar. Rather, this is a healthy point of artistic collaboration. The same is true with sex. Instead of hanging out with anyone who thinks they are threatened by your sexual adventurousness, choose people who think it’s fun. Granted, this does cut down your prospects for dates, but you could also think of it as focusing on who is a wholesome person for you to be with.

Anyone threatened by your creativity or sexuality does not qualify. And you may discover that this is a leverage point in your relationships — that it will help you discern, and decide, who you want to be around.

For much of the year, Mars in Libra and Mars retrograde will be lighting up all of these planets I’ve been describing, energizing them with enormous power. Mars will be doing this from what you can think of as the social angle of your chart: your 11th solar house for Sagittarius Sun or 11th by whole sign houses for Sagittarius rising, which is Libra.

Mars retrograde in this house is saying choose your friends carefully. It’s also saying that you need to choose on the basis of a real connection — that is, on the basis of sharing real values with someone.

Mars retrograde indicates a fast-moving process of experimentation. There is the implication of trying people, groups and situations on for size. As you do this, remember: this experiment really is about you more than it is about anyone else; that will remain true until you find the people you most want to connect with.

Jupiter Busts a Move

After the main focal point of the year — the grand cross on April 23 — your ruling planet Jupiter will continue to work its way through Cancer and arrives in Leo on July 16.

This is when the year begins to pick up outer momentum — you really can take your show on the road. By this time all the inner work that you’ve done will make perfect sense. It’s likely to have led you to a new place of independence, and with Jupiter arriving in your 9th solar house of Leo, you will be able to put that freedom to excellent use.

As you go through the process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and healing that the planets are suggesting, remember, there is a point to all of this, and that point is to help you arrive in a place where you are free to be yourself. Not theoretically free or potentially free — I mean free on the inside to live your life the way you want to in the world around you.

That really is the order of operations — from the inside out.

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Sagittarius chart.

Sagittarius chart.

Sagittarius sketch.

Sagittarius sketch.

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  1. jeanneboyce says:

    This report is about as accurate a verbal picture of my life as a mirror image in crystal glass. I had a dream a few months back and it may amuse those who read it, but it does very much relate to the reading: I was at a party with a guy who looked like Jesus and we were sent to a corner liquor store to get more wine and booze. The store was crowded to where we could not get in, but way over by the counter my two aunts (in their 70’s) drunk and waving cheerily at us. We went back empty handed, sat down and talked about relationships. I made the statement my ex used me for sex only. The Jesus -looking guy, who btw, could pass for the world-created image of him, said very poignantly, “But that’s not LOVE, you know that, right? I associate my astrology with this dream and many thoughts of late and am so glad to have this incredible road map (the astrology report) to help me along my path.

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