The Element of Precision

By Eric Francis

Sign art by Liz Webb.

Sign art by Liz Webb.

Planets gathering in your sign and in your fellow mutable signs are guiding you to focus your mind, your priorities and your talents. Pisces has a reputation for being misty and spiritual, though this is the time to focus yourself to a fine point of intention and action. It’s essential that you choose your environments, goals and the people in your life based on conscious criteria. How you feel will tell you everything you need to know about a situation or a relationship. Listening, and the choice to take an optimistic view, will fuel your success, and as you know, everything is negotiable.


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Pisces as an astrological concept does not have the reputation as the sign of precision or exactitude. Rather, Pisces is better known to be intuitive, creative and dreamy. There is, however, a veiled attribute of Pisces that wants things to be exactly right, well-timed and impeccably presented.

It is this aspect of who you are that comes to the forefront as the aspects of 2014 develop in and around your sign. Yet this will be blended by an accentuation of dominant Pisces traits (represented in part by Neptune’s long-term visit to your birth sign or ascendant), which is giving you permission to open up, to be more expressive and receptive, and to fully indulge your clairvoyant style of creativity.

Image by RAEchel Running.

Image by RAEchel Running.

Neptune in your sign could be a huge distraction, since it will have a tendency to bring out the hedonist aspect of who you are. Yet there is a more potent influence brewing, and it’s going to be so strong that you will be depending upon the wide-open quality of Neptune as a way to balance and integrate the other influences that are teaching you the skills of focus, exactitude and discipline — messages you are no doubt receiving from a diversity of sources, both inner and outer.

This is a phase of astrology that has as its underlying theme taking life seriously. The forces that are at work, collectively and individually, are pushing everyone and all of us to rise to the situation of life, and we all know that is going to take focusing power: be it of integrity, intent, decision-making ability, communication or commitment.

Yet any drive for healing and self-improvement needs a corresponding creative inflow of energy, or some devotion to tuning into the softer, more sensory aspects of being. It’s necessary not only to balance out one with the other, but also to learn how to integrate the seemingly unrelated impulses to discipline and creative flow. They are not unrelated. They are distinctly necessary attributes of the same thing.

As such, they function together to ease the monotony of what we call work, allowing for new ideas, methods and a more aesthetic approach. At the same time, creativity of itself has no boundaries or specific methods inherent in it. Creative energy needs form, purpose and method if it’s going to manifest anything of lasting value or beauty.

You have probably gone past the ‘creativity for its own sake’ stage of doing things, or expressing yourself merely because it feels good. That is a starting point, and even if you’re at or near that point of origin, you will benefit from infusing your flow of ideas, no matter how abstract, with a sense of purpose, and by allowing your most focused and purposeful actions to be fed and nourished by the waters of beauty and life.

Remember this as I discuss each of these aspects, and indeed as I describe other features of your astrology. This integration process is inherent in you — and can be applied to everything you experience.

There’s one other factor that applies to everything — a conjunction of the Sun and asteroid Industria at your solar return. Industria asks the question: What is the most efficient, clever way to do this, for maximum return on my energy? Is there a way to turn waste into profit? Industria, in the words of Martha Lang-Wescott, also facilitates identification of career and work interests, abilities and matters.

In your own sign or rising sign, this is about cultivating a close identity with the work that you do. If you have a job that you think of as separate from you or your true intentions, I suggest you consider the wisdom of that. Everything in your chart is about integration, which is to say every factor supporting every other factor.

Some of the most relevant spiritual work will be done in the course of your ‘career’ — a point I will address in more detail a few sections down.

Chiron, Neptune and Borasisi in Pisces

What’s brewing in Pisces is some of the most influential astrology we’re experiencing in a profound time of planetary alignments. Yet the rest of the mutable cross — signs that are extensions of your own, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius — is coming to life in a new way. Let’s start with Pisces.

Pisces is home to three long-term visitors: Chiron (2010-2019), Neptune (2011-2026) and Borasisi (2003-2026). While all are significant, especially in your own sign, Chiron is the most useful, the most influential and the shortest-lasting of the three. It’s part of where you’re getting the calling to focus a real measure of impeccability in your life.

Chiron can provoke crisis, especially if one has lived unconsciously for a long period of time. The awareness that Chiron offers can bring a confrontation with what needs to be healed, growth you need to catch up on, and the sense that you are somehow imperfect. The healing process has to begin with awareness of what is necessary — you just need to make sure that you’re approaching the condition of your life from a standpoint of compassion, and from a truly informed point of view.

Yet it’s more likely that for you, Chiron is summoning you to action and a quest for self-mastery. Chiron is often associated with your opposite sign Virgo, a sign associated with impeccability, integration and healing. It’s now bringing those properties directly into availability for you. Yet more than making you into some ‘opposite thing’, the result is that you’re able to tune in more precisely to who you are; to give you greater access to yourself; and to focus your often watery, misty energy into something tangible.

Neptune in your sign is giving you plenty of extra resources to work with. It may also be overwhelming you, encouraging a measure of denial or escapism and influencing you to feel invisible. Chiron addresses this aspect of Neptune as well, given its focus on consciously applying resources, tuning in, embracing the power of awareness and pushing you to step out and stand out.

The most beautiful attributes of Chiron are its emphasis on healing, its willingness to take a long-term approach, and its mastery over multiple fields or subject areas. Chiron grants access to diverse talents, in part because it experiences diversity as expression of the same root source. So, through all the changes of this time in history, with all their demands and the pain of seeing the trouble of the world, and knowing how many people feel all their efforts will be futile, and any personal challenges you may face, know that you have a friend, ally and resource in Chiron.

If you work with, and dance with, this energy, you will begin to feel a change within yourself — among other things, you will have greater access to your personal resources. How do you do that? You consider everything that happens an opportunity to engage with and put those resources to work. Everything becomes an opportunity for healing and for you to engage your talent; everything is an opportunity to see the world in an honest and balanced way.

At the time of your solar return, an asteroid called Diana is conjunct Chiron. This is about your relationships with young women, whoever they may be. They play a special role in your life this year, as people you protect and assist, as well as those who help you and from whom you learn. There will be what you might think of as karmic rewards for giving young women any possible advantage to participate.

One thing that’s crucial with Chiron is avoiding victim consciousness. There are some actual victims in the world, and there are plenty of times when people are, with no good reason, assholes to one another. However, victim consciousness is something else, and it’s easy to condition yourself out of, if you want to. You could say that healer consciousness, especially starting with self-healer, is the opposite of the victim trip.

Victimness can manifest as defensiveness, having something to prove, or being a ‘victim’ of circumstances. I say this fully aware that the ways of the world put nearly everyone on the defensive, and we’re asked over and over again to prove ourselves. You get your option how to handle that, and finding the best options is part of what you’re learning. I would remind you that you have nothing to prove to your family, your spouse, significant other, or to God — no matter how they protest or what some minister, priest or nun once said.

There’s one other factor in your sign that is well worth knowing about — a slow-mover called Borasisi. By slow-mover I mean it orbits our Sun in just over 292 years and is in your sign from approximately 2003 through 2026, an impressively long time. It’s now at the exact halfway point of that journey, which is a moment of emphasis.

Borasisi is a kind of dreamweaver. While it has some delineations as being about ‘truth or lies’ and their respective influences, in the most personal terms, I think of Borasisi as being about having faith in yourself, and this having a tangible expression in your life. Faith gets results, especially faith in who you are and what you have to offer.

While you may be experiencing some wild fluctuations of self-esteem due to Uranus in Aries, your 2nd house, many other factors demonstrate that you have something to offer and that there is a place for you to do so. The more inventive you are, the more the world will seem to open up for you. The more you respect your willingness to be different, the more you will discover ways in which you may do so creatively.

With Borasisi there is a direct relationship between your belief in yourself and those around you recognizing you as real, as valid, as a true contributor to life. But this faith must start with you first.

The Arrival of Nessus in Your Sign

One of the most important minor planets arrives in your sign this year — Nessus, the third-ever discovered centaur (Chiron-like planet). Nessus aligns precisely with many other points in the very early mutable signs, including Neptune and several others that I will cover below. This is a placement I will cover in its own article soon enough, though I can sum it up in a few sentences.

Nessus is about accountability. It’s about the buck stopping with you; it’s about you understanding your role in the creation of your experience and the creation of karma. Nessus addresses the law of cause and effect. You are involved with both.

Where there is a cause, look for the effect. Where there is an effect, look for the cause. Then study the relationship. Under this influence, it’s critical that you consciously withdraw any violent or accusatory impulses you have (they can be greatly magnified without your realizing this, as well as have effects that may be difficult for you to discern at first).

As has been written in song, “If you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind,” so therefore I suggest you plant that which is soft, warm and nourishing to the extent that you can. Nessus may call on you to make amends where you’ve hurt others in the past; you may need to address some of the results of your past actions. Yet what you get with Nessus is the opportunity to do those things effectively.

News from Gemini and Virgo

Let’s take the next two mutable signs — signs I’ve suggested are extensions of Pisces; they are like parallel worlds to which you have direct access. They both involve family and security. Gemini is your 4th house (solar 4th by solar houses if you’re a Pisces Sun, 4th by whole sign houses if you’re Pisces rising).

Gemini in this house informs you to have diverse places where you feel at home. It has a restless quality, and may indicate that you like to move locations, shift your environments, work from home or be at home while at work.

There is a new influence here — a potent little centaur (Chiron-like) planet called Asbolus. The message I get here is about how important your home base is to your sanity. It’s not merely a ‘nice thing’ to have; for you, at this time in your life, it’s the ground you stand on, as well as the roof over your head. You want to be in a solid home that is more than utilitarian — more than merely useful. You need all of the basics covered, in an environment or environments that support your holistic well-being.

There is also the reminder that you are good at manifesting this. It’s natural enough to be concerned in a world where landlords and banks put people out onto the street every hour; this is unlikely to happen to you, and if it does, you are very likely to land on your feet, or to manifest something better than you started with.

Asbolus is in very early Gemini, and it will be making contact with a number of other points early on the mutable cross. That’s another way of saying that the issues described by all of these points relate to one another.

As for Virgo: there are two new influences in your sign of relationships. Virgo is your 7th house by solar houses if you’re a Pisces Sun and your 7th house by whole sign houses if you’re Pisces rising. The 7th is the house of relationships and partnerships, obviously one of the most significant in astrology. The first of these new influences is Transpluto.

This is my main source of information about the theme of precision in your chart. Transpluto, a hypothetical planet (it does not exist, except in mathematics, and in the minds of a few astrologers), has two main qualities: exactness and self-criticism. It’s therefore important that you strive to be precise, at the same time you understand the potentially dangerous role of self-critique.

You could manifest Transpluto as the person who criticizes you; or the insufferable self-critic. My suggestion is to make sure you associate with people who have healthy self-esteem.

Part of what you’re experiencing is your absorbency, a factor of Neptune. As such, you want to make sure you have wholesome influences in your environment. Lack of self-esteem would count as unwholesome, and you will tend to take on the issues of the people around you. That is not your role, in any context; but it’s also important to know that even if your role is that of a healer, you cannot fix people and you are under no obligation to subject yourself to any influence not of your choosing.

The corollary of this is making conscious choices about what you specifically want in your relationships and in your environment. In terms of relationships, there seems to be a taboo on being too picky, since humans are not perfect and most of the time we have a ‘take it as it comes’ perspective on relationships.

However, I suggest you take a step past this and know what you want and what you don’t want, and choose people and situations on that basis. This really does come down to specifics. You need a basis for choosing, and part of that basis is being familiar with your values to the point where you can articulate them; and part is observing the world carefully enough to have sufficient data to make choices.

You may also note that how you feel in any situation likely reflects how you feel about that situation. Said another way, you may have a response that comes without a tweet saying “you feel bad about yourself because you don’t like this scene.” Therefore, part of how I suggest you choose people, places and opportunities is based on how you feel around them.

I suggest that you take your general impression and also note specifics. If you’re sitting in a class and you bite the eraser off your pencil, remember that. If you go to an art museum, come home and have sex for three hours, jot that down.

One last item from Virgo, for now: Sila-Nunam. This is a new and I suspect truly influential factor, currently at the beginning of a long walk across Virgo. It’s out in the Kuiper Belt, orbiting our Sun a shade beyond Pluto. On first blush, I take a delightfully literal impression from this pair of points, orbiting a common barycenter: relationship is a way of connecting Heaven and Earth, or experiencing them as attributes of the same thing.

Said another way, Heaven and Earth — our planet and the universe in which it’s set — gain all their meaning by their relationship to one another, in a resonance similar to a guitar string and a pickup. Together, they form that sound you love.

The Sagittarius Factor

I’ve mentioned that your professional life, career or however you think of it, is a central location of your spiritual growth. There are many long-term visitors to Sagittarius right now; many are the kinds of elements that take learning in the world to the level of soul.

Sagittarius is the 10th house from Pisces, representing ambition, aspiration, reputation and responsibility. It’s a statement of potential. It’s usually associated with fame, though I’ve seen the charts of plenty of famous people who lacked any traditional planets in their 10th house — so it’s not a guarantee one way or the other. The 10th does, however, provide some clues about how you feel being visible, and who is going to join you on the way as you rise to your potential.

There are two things to remember about Sagittarius. One is that it’s a sign that takes you, and all of us, beyond our current reality. It contains some of the deepest and most distant points in the universe, one of which is the core of our galaxy.

Sagittarius is always pointing the way beyond. You have this as your house of success. The message here is about success beyond some known or ‘normal’ means, some concept of full engagement with the world that bridges the distinctly spiritual (nonphysical intelligence, for example) with the most worldly, grounded and pedestrian.

At the time of your solar return, the first planet that appears in this house for you is Siva. For those familiar with Hindu mythology who may be inclined to take this as some extraordinary statement of transformation, I would say this: You may be right. And then there’s the astrological delineation of this point, which is in part about listening. Listen carefully to your environment. Listen to what is said to you, and notice what you just heard.

Remember that chaos can be the state before enlightenment, or the psychic breakthrough. So make sure you embrace a little chaos, especially in your professional environment. Think of it as the edge of the fractal, where all the most interesting forms are taking shape.

One last bit about Sagittarius. It thrives on optimism. Indeed, Sagittarius seems to run on little else. The more you feed optimism into your process of setting goals and aspiring to them, the easier and more fun the experience will be.

The Mars Effect: Negotiation

I am leaving Mars retrograde for the end of this discussion, and I really have two points to make. You will learn much else from your audio reading, where I take Mars in a larger context.

My first point is to remember, and to use, the power of negotiation. You already know that everything is negotiable. Your role is to use that power, and to use it well in every situation. Remember that some negotiations take time, and due to Mars retrograde, it’s appropriate for some discussions to take months; late May is one point of resolution of some key matters, which really deserve a full review anyway.

Always, always, always do your own bidding. Do not leave it to doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs to negotiate for you, or to set your terms. If you work with a professional of some kind who is the proper person to have some kind of discussion on your behalf, make sure you know and help establish all of the particulars in advance.

Remember, too, that everything is a relationship. No matter how impersonal a situation may seemingly be, the personal element is likely always to trump the business one. Therefore, be your sincere, cooperative self and you will gain significant advantage in the world.

Your works, and the integrity you put into them, establish their value, but you are the one who gives that value to them. Keep this little bit of information in order. You give the value to what you create.

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Pisces chart.

Pisces chart.

Pisces sketch.

Pisces sketch.

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