You Are What You Can See

By Eric Francis

Sign art by Liz Webb.

Sign art by Liz Webb.

The ability to visualize is the ability to create — and this you will have many opportunities to do. The most important form of creation is self-creation, since all other ideas flow from that. Focus your visioning power, imagine yourself doing what you want, in the way that you want, and its potential to manifest increases radically. Mars will make its long retrograde in your 5th house, compelling an experiment in creative, relational and sexual identity. You are heading into a deep phase of experiencing life with the curiosity of a child, though unlike a child you have far more freedom to experiment.

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Here is what I’ve noticed being an Earthling for a while: If you can visualize something, it’s more likely to happen.

I am not talking about New Age magic, creative manifestation or some special Law of Attraction technique — though I don’t discount them. Rather, I am talking about old-fashioned, tried-and-true creative process. If an architect sketches a building, it’s more likely to happen than if that sketch is not made.

If a songwriter can imagine a melody, and sketches it out, it’s more likely to get written. If you can see yourself in San Francisco, you’re more likely to go there.

Image by RAEchel Running.

Image by RAEchel Running.

In a similar way if you can visualize yourself doing something, you’re more likely to have the opportunity to do it. I think everyone has experienced this at least once. Since it may not happen that often, you might think that you can only visualize what you can actually do. You might not have noticed that the ability to visualize is the thing that leads the way to physical reality.

What I have found, in my own life with my clients and friends, is that it can be challenging for them to have that sense of vision. As an astrologer or coach, I sometimes have to help create the vision with them — describe the scene, suggest how it might feel, and how they might get there. I can see the expression on someone’s face change as the vision opens up like a physical space, with color and temperature, and they start to believe something is possible — something they thought they could not imagine moments before.

Part of what astrology does is provide the fodder for a vision. It offers a sketch, sometimes in great detail, describing what is possible. Astrology can peer into the pre-manifest realms. Interestingly, the first thing that your current astrology describes is this very process of visioning yourself into a new reality. On the first page of your chart is a set of instructions for how to initiate the process and bring it to fruition.

This has been developing for a while, though it comes into clear focus over the next few seasons, particularly around the time of your birthday. The story starts in your 10th solar house if you’re Gemini Sun (10th by whole sign houses if you’re Gemini rising), which is Pisces. The 10th house is the one that speaks about your reputation. There is information about your mission in life, which likely has something to do with your career or professional ambitions. I assume you have some of those. I can also see that due to Neptune’s presence, you may be feeling inspired to aspire to the very spire of something great, but you’re not quite sure what.

This can be true enough any day of the year with Pisces on the 10th. While Pisces is a visionary sign, it’s a bit unwieldy in the context of the working world. How many examples have you heard of the various artists, musicians and writers who everyone loves, admires and respects as part of the unquestionable landscape of human talent — for whom it almost didn’t happen? How many record companies rejected The Doors? How hard was it for J.R.R. Tolkien to get The Lord of the Rings published? The stories go on and on. Think of this as the intersection of Pisces with the business world of the 10th house.

To work this combination, you have to be clever, and it’s essential to understand the limits on your experience and intelligence, so that you can address them directly. Pisces can provide a mystical longing for greatness, which works for a few people (cult leaders, for instance) but not most. Pisces needs to be focused, by which I mean pulled into focus as with your hand turning the ring on a lens, which is another way of saying that its visioning power needs to be harnessed consciously.

Beyond Inspiration and Idealism

Inspiration can be a helpful factor, though it can also be misleading. You don’t want to assume that you should just suddenly be famous because you’re so talented. I suggest you take inspiration in limited doses, and that you use it as the seed of your vision but quickly move onto more practical matters. The 10th house is eminently pragmatic. It involves doing work on the ground, learning skills and making sure people know you’re available. It can represent the sum total of your reputation and what you must do to build and maintain that reputation.

I know there is the myth of “do what you love and you will succeed,” and without discounting that, I would propose there is more that is necessary in the outer world. Given limits on time, energy and resources, it’s important to make your 10th-house work — that of cultivating and building your reputation — efficient and effective.

I also know that with Neptune present, especially in Pisces, you may have the inclination to romanticize or idealize your desires. That will not help.

With Neptune currently guarding the gate, you need to use your imaging power (your imagination) but it’s essential that you be in practical mode. Pause and focus regularly, and make conscious decisions that are based on your experience and some consultation with successful elders. Work toward concrete goals, one at a time, taking conscious steps and knowing when you have completed something you set out to do.

Let’s go deeper into the 10th house. There are two other slow-movers there — Chiron and Borasisi. I’ve written many articles about Chiron — here is a more recent one, about Chiron in Pisces — and just one about Borasisi, which is a good start.

I would encourage you to forget everything you think you know about Chiron, especially if it starts with “wounded healer.” That is likely to misinform or at best minimally inform you in the experience I am talking about, though I will come back to one possible theme.

Chiron is a utility. It is the most utilitarian planet. Its job is to get things done, with you and for you. Chiron has its working methods, its typical patterns and its quirks, though it’s motivated by a combination of teaching/learning and getting results. The main properties of Chiron are raising awareness, applied healing, use of documentation and observing hidden life patterns.

Chiron focuses Pisces. In some ways it’s the very antithesis of Pisces, and therefore a perfect fit, because it can gather together the misty dreams of Pisces and work them into a useful plan of action. Chiron can be responsive, reactive or proactive; I am taking the proactive approach here.

Borasisi is a complex planet that hovers around the theme of truth and lies; why we believe or fail to believe anything; and it has a close association with the ethical history of industry and science. I consider Borasisi a valuable tool for conveying belief into reality, and for analyzing the impact of belief.

In June there will be the first of a series of conjunctions between Chiron and Borasisi. These will take place in your 10th house — and provide you with considerable leverage for both manifesting your vision and for being known as someone who does so. This aspect may have a way of making you extra-convincing or compelling. I suggest you focus on these themes as you move through the process of developing your mission, your work or your career.

The key element of success here is that of visualization. It’s about teaching yourself to see yourself doing what you feel called upon to do. Visualize and sketch or describe the product of your efforts. Imagine that this process of visualization, description and illustration opens up the potential for those developments to unfold.

Part of doing this can involve encountering past negative images or conditioning. The 10th house is one of the two most closely associated with family, in particular the mother or the dominant parent and their family group. Parents and families can be brutal on the career concepts and plans of young people, particularly if those plans have any softness, humanity or artistry to them (and yours likely do).

The healing power of Chiron has a special focus available to help you resolve these matters, so that you can move on. It will help if you recognize what is a past influence and make a choice to mitigate its power and not take it with you. Chiron will never signify a loss without also pointing to a corresponding gain that would have been impossible without that loss having happened.

This is the invocation of creative power in the most down-to-earth sense of the concept. There is one additional factor entering Pisces that will be influencing this aspect of your life, and that is Nessus.

A Question of Accountability

Nessus is a centaur planet, and it’s been in Aquarius for a long time. A centaur is something in the same class of objects as Chiron, so its focus will be healing. What Nessus heals relates to the theme of accountability.

The 10th house is a place where you concentrate power and influence, such as what you gain by being known and having a reputation. With that power comes the need for accountability. The 10th is already famous for this without adding Nessus. As Debbi Kempton-Smith once quipped, having your Sun in the 10th house is fine as long as you don’t mind feeling like you’re being followed around by a TV crew all day. It is therefore essential that you use your power consciously and not squander your reputation. Don’t announce who or what you don’t like in public — no Duck Dynasty “tell all” interview episodes please; keep your focus of this house on what is important to you.

With Nessus you may have some fear that if you succeed, something bad will happen. Consider that one of the bits of negative past programming that you will need to let go of, should that show up.

The theme of accountability shows up other ways, and it will continue to be a theme for reasons other than the long journey of Nessus across your 10th house. You currently have Saturn in Scorpio in your 6th house — that of work and well being.

You may be experiencing Nessus and Saturn as a heavy influence, though they’re here to make sure that you both get your work done and also keep healthy emotional boundaries around your work. With all the distractions of the world, be happy you have this kind of influence.

If, however, this influence turns out to be arriving in the form of an impossible-to-deal-with boss, then you need to rethink your plan. Your astrology suggests this is a time in your life when you need to aspire to greater things than you have in the past. The influences that guide you to that are the ones to embrace. Perhaps the difficult boss has a point — that you need to clean up your act, be more disciplined and use that as a foundation of your creativity.

You may need to work through some authority issues. If you are going to be your own authority, you definitely need to be able to work with, and get along with, people who have authority in your life; the relationship needs to be less of a parent-child thing and evolve into a peer-to-peer situation.

There is one potential wrinkle, which could also be an opportunity. It involves the “level ground” concept associated with your 7th house, Sagittarius — and while we are there, let’s relate that to Mars in Libra.

Wild Critters in Sagittarius — and Mars in Libra

Sagittarius is your 7th solar house if you have Gemini Sun, and your 7th by whole sign houses if you have Gemini rising — your relationship area. This is a challenging sign to have on your relationship house because Sagittarius can have a remote, unworldly quality. While it can also be spiritually profound, intellectually satisfying and sexually fiery, it can be a little difficult to make contact with. What may turn you on is that you attract people who have a love of ideas, who are often conversant in those ideas. Yet you may feel a challenge dialing these people in emotionally, or getting over the sensation that they have many other interests besides you.

Yet what is now coming through your relationship area are many unusual people and situations. It’s also presenting you with challenging situations that require your vigilance to manage, maintain or even work with effectively. The persistent question is, to what extent do the relationship situations in your life nourish you and to what extent do they deplete you?

How you answer this partly depends upon the contrast (or lack of contrast) they have with the past, including your childhood. If something fits a pattern, even if it’s in a new form, you may not notice that there’s anything odd about it.

Is any situation in your life colored by the presence of alcohol? Is anyone acting like they are the sole arbiter of right and wrong? Are you at all struggling to maintain boundaries, including agreements? If so, you may be in a kind of playback scenario, where ancient history is popping to life before your eyes. You might not quite be seeing it this way. You may be seeing it as something normal, though I would point out that there are some unusual circumstances involved.

Yet the connection to family patterns is nearly impossible to deny. And I would propose that this is good news rather than more of the same thing you’ve already heard from psychology or a shamanic teacher.

The coming two years is a time of being able to resolve those family patterns, mainly by learning and teaching something different. One of the many slow-moving planets involved, Quaoar, is about to make contact with the Galactic Core. Quaoar is the internalized family system; the Galactic Core is a spiritual intervention. The implication here is that you’re reaching a point where things rooted in family patterns will inevitably change.

Indeed, they are very likely to change for the better, but you must not take this for granted. Large forces are at work. So are many, many small ones. It’s necessary to handle both with care and awareness. In terms of the smaller influences, the ones that arise in your day-to-day life, you will have opportunities to feed the old ways, or to feed the new ones that are coming in.

If you support anyone who, for example, has shady ethics, or who uses/abuses substances as a means of avoiding you or anyone else, you are feeding the old ways. The challenge is recognizing something new when you see it. Old patterns do not just exist on their own; part of the problem with old patterns is that they can block your perception of new patterns. It can make the people who fit those new patterns, or who have different approaches to life, difficult to see, or to experience as attractive. They will be unfamiliar, which you may experience as unappealing.

So while a distinct process of transformation is happening, you remain in the position of needing to make conscious choices from moment to moment; that includes the choice for how you respond to someone, whether you choose to recognize them in the sense of calling on them to speak, and to see, feel and hear who they are.

Another kind of person is beginning to show up for you, different from those you have known in the past. Did you meet anyone really interesting this past November? That was one potential point of entry. The qualities to look for are an accessible, practical approach to spirituality; an enduring quality; focused on their mission; sufficient personal power or intelligence to be arrogant, but without really being so (though some might think so). A slightly to somewhat lofty character would be appropriate.

There are, in fact, many ‘types’ of people other than the kind that you’re accustomed to, though to encounter them fully you will need to open yourself up to them and be available. This is not merely about collecting weird or interesting people. It’s about consciously deepening your capacity for intimacy with people who are not your type, who don’t remind you of anyone in your family, or who don’t remind you of anyone.

The Mars Experiment

Let’s conclude with the Mars retrograde event that occurs during the first part of the year, and which will serve as a threshold into a new era of your life. Many other factors are involved; the themes in your chart repeat throughout the wheel, and in different facets of your experience. So you can think of this Mars retrograde story as a metaphor.

As a Gemini or Gemini rising, you have Libra in your 5th house. The 5th is the house of creativity and pleasure, of risks and experiments. That would include romantic and sexual experiments. Think of the 5th as all the crazy things young people do, most of the time with little to no negative consequences; and if they don’t experiment a little you wonder what’s wrong with them. The 5th has a strong connection to the inner child, curiosity, passion and a questing spirit of experience for its own sake.

Libra seeks beauty and balance; it can be about justice, decisions or indecision. It’s also about relationships and how we relate to one another. And if you listen to Alice A. Bailey, it’s the most important sign for understanding sex.

I know there are a lot of people who are sure that they are done seeking knowledge or experience through sex, or their sexuality, and I hope you’re not one of them. If you are, you may not be for long, anyway, because when Mars stations retrograde in a few weeks, it’s going to draw you into this realm of your psyche and keep you there for a while.

This experience is likely to lead you to question many facets of who you are, or who you thought you were. It will be especially influential in your sexual and creative identity, which are very nearly the same thing; and that in turn will ripple out and influence every other aspect of your life.

This transit looks like a profound inner reorientation. To the extent this is about your sexuality, it’s coming at a moment when you’re asking some deep questions about the nature of commitment. It may very well be that you want to experiment in ways that a commitment in your life seems to be preventing. Unlike other times when this has happened in the past, you may be feeling a lot more determined to break through and actually get to live your way despite what anyone else may think.

The 5th house and Mars both have strong associations to what homeopaths call the vital force — the living energy that animates consciousness and physical existence. Though ministers, priests and popes have tried to deny this for years, the vital force is inseparable from sexual energy, and how we manage and utilize our sexual energy is a metaphor for how we use our vital force. Mars retrograde in Libra is a compelling force for asking some profound questions about this.

Speaking of ministers, priests and popes, I would note that there are no artists referenced in the Bible. Just about everything happens in those 73 books of the Bible — everything except an artist showing up, or the description of anyone creating anything for its own sake. Indeed, the bit about not having any ‘graven images’ is a direct prohibition of art. So it’s not just sex that the church has an issue with — it’s the whole contents of the 5th house.

And the 5th house of your chart is going to light up like a burning hearth, first drawing you into a new region of inner exploration, then letting go and giving you the feeling of being turned loose on a waiting world.

Because Libra is involved, I suggest you use your discernment when that happens, but remember too that nearly anything can be justified in the name of art or an experiment, and you are also free to do that.

Remember that ultimately the buck stops with you, so choose well. Use your freedom well.

Gemini chart.

Gemini chart.

Gemini sketch.

Gemini sketch.

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