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Mars in Libra: The Power Lift of the Drum Major | By Joey Lorraine
As a professional dancer, competition is a way of life for astrologer Joey Lorraine, but competition is also becoming deeply ingrained in our culture, via reality television, social media and politics. If you don’t win (or almost win), you are quickly forgotten. Lorraine explains how Mars in Libra emphasizes process, and how the human struggle can be filtered into beauty that can be shared in a pure, noncompetitive way. “If we are tough enough to have our egos bruised, repeatedly fail, and to slip in our own puddle of sweat, we might have a chance of transcending competition as we embody our beauty and become our own work of art,” she says.

Setting the New Foundation for Fulfilling Relationships | By Liliane Mavridara
Liliane Mavridara, as an astrologer and as a consultant on intimate relationships, has a front-row seat to how Mars moving into Libra will affect women and how they approach relationships. In this article, she believes that this time will bring a new assertiveness towards relating that “requires a certain level of self-knowledge and awareness because the forging forward will be through Saturn’s Scorpionic waters.” She suggests fresh ways to become aware that are sure to enhance your relating skills.

Releasing Your Inner Warrior from the Hamster Wheel | By Suzana Da Costa
Where did our ‘Mars’ go, astrologer Suzana Da Costa asks? Why do we castrate ourselves in our efforts to create a world that is inclusive, fair and beautiful? In the suppression of our drive and passion we’ve limited ourselves in our expression of who we are and what we’re doing here. Is it because we don’t want to rock the boat and risk what makes us secure? In that case, does suppression of Mars energy result in explosive actions like shootings in schools and the imprisonment of women for years to serve our sexual desires? Da Costa describes how to release fear and embrace adventure and optimism as the way to get our Mars back.

Anger and Motivation: The Good, the Bad, the Lilith | By Jill Miller

Jill Miller describes how having a retrograde Mars in her birth chart has driven the way she self-motivates. Being angry with others telling her she couldn’t do something had always resulted in the greatest self-motivation, until her Mars went direct by progression. Then the game changed and for seven years she struggled to understand where her motivation went. She tells you all about it in this perceptive article.

Diplomacy and Perception Walk Into A Bar… | By Bob Stevens
Bob Stevens explores the fascinating topic of diplomacy within families — we’ve all been there! He makes the case that it is preferable to use tact in family (and indeed, all) relationships without passing events and comments through your own “Perceiver” lens, which is distorted by personality and viewpoint. No small achievement, though. Bob points the way in this poignant essay.

Gaia Claimed My Brain — My Life as Science Fiction | By Philip Brachi
In this highly imaginative essay Phil Brachi reframes episodes of his life with a science-fiction slant: high-speed train rides to London from his home in Wales, a protest against the Iraq war, crop circles, boarding school, water and body awareness. His words challenge us all to find the areas where our experiences intersect with the once highly improbable — but possible — world of sci-fi, one that seems closer with each passing year.

2014 Eclipses: Relationship with Self | By Genevieve Hathaway
The four eclipses of 2014 offer an opportunity to shift your focus from relationships with others to the most important relationship of all, the one with yourself. Each of the four eclipses — two in April and two in October — home in on different aspects of relationship, i.e., jealousy and control, values, personal power and self-awareness. The concentrated feeling of time during eclipses will help you work shadow material quickly and efficiently. Genevieve’s article gives some tips showing you how.

The Mars Black Hole Station: Recreating Sexuality | By Alex Miller
This spring, Mars will go retrograde and then direct, contacting a black hole and two quasars, respectively. Alex Miller says: “This dual activation signals a period of revision, reversion, recalibration and exploration of our sexual natures (all black hole effects), with extensive experimentation and trial and error, followed by the opportunity to stabilize these changes and ground them more fully into our prevailing reality (quasar properties).” A time for deeper exploration, indeed! Read more in the article to see what you can expect.

Daily Life with Mars: Tantrum to Transcendence | By Kelley Rico
As someone with Mars in Aries in the seventh house and a Libra ascendant, Kelley Rico describes how she’s had to work at achieving balance with the well-known Martian attribute of anger. Yet, she says, there’s another attribute of Mars, equally powerful if lesser known: alchemy — “the conjunction of opposites, with active and passive aspects both in a state of creation and destruction.” Now is the time to work with alchemy; to open, she says, to “the Great Work” of the 21st century.

Transit Of Mars: America’s Long March To War | By Mark Anthony Robinson
Mark Robinson describes how Mars in Libra coincides with U.S. military history, showing how, both in progressions and in transits relating to the Sibly chart, it gets involved in military conflict somewhere around the world. He lays it all out in detail, from Pearl Harbor to the (second) Iraq and Afghan wars, including the personal horoscopes of presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, with a look ahead to what may happen in the coming months.

When Venus Rules Mars: ‘Make Love, Not War’ | By Dale O’Brien
Call him Ares or Mars, the god hated by gods and humans alike was seen as the cause of ‘tumult’ and worse. However, he stopped his trouble-making when he heard Venus call. When Mars is ‘ruled’ by Venus — in Taurus, in Libra, or in Venus-friendly Pisces — we are called to make ‘love’ rather than ‘war’. John F. Kennedy, with his Venus-ruled Mars, and his ‘Sex in the Senate’ compatriots, Democrat and Republican alike, lived up to the spirit of the word ‘party’! 2014 finds Mars ruled by Venus, for a prolonged opportunity for the same.

An Awakening | By Jeanne Treadway
Jeanne recounts for us in this intensely personal essay how she ‘woke up this summer’. This wasn’t ‘finding herself’ or ‘discovering her path’ or ‘merging with the sacred’. She describes how she confidently re-entered this dynamic world of ours after keeping it at bay for more than 20 years. Starting with a thorough alteration of how she thinks about, responds to, and experiences life, it chronicles breaking habits, sloughing off several effects of chronic illness, intensifying passion, and replacing defensive interactions with cheerfulness and a simple willingness to accept others.

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